The Day Before Official Gameplay Trailer Released

New trailer got released even though there is still a trademark dispute.

Game developer Fntastic has recently released the new The Day Before official gameplay trailer even though it is still in the middle of a trademark dispute.

The video was 10 minutes long and it mainly featured the gameplay, which was an open-world zombie apocalypse survival shooter. Players will be scavenging for items that can help them survive in a ruined city, looking into destroyed cars, and looting deserted homes, and other buildings that might have items. Of course, the zombies will be there too, scattered about and ready to hunt living beings for their flesh.

The game starts with a female character traveling together with a male partner, looking for loot. She then enters a house where she finds a work table. On it, she can modify her weapon of choice and scrap unwanted items for raw materials. If it follows the same mechanics as other survival games, weapon mods will need blueprints that they have to unlock in order for them to create the items.

After completing the modifications, the player moves on and then goes to the streets to find some zombies to shoot. After taking those down, they move deeper into the city to find more loot and shoot more zombies.

The video ends inside a large building where the pair find more zombies that are more aggressive than the ones outside.

the day before

The Day Before launches on November 10, 2023 on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S. Currently, Fntastic lost the trademark for the name of The Day Before and even lost access to the Steam Page of the game due to a certain individual who already bought the trademark ahead of them.