The Day Before Early Access Release Date and Launch Times

Get ready for The Day Before's Early Access drop and discover all the launch times around the world with the help of this guide.

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Before it goes on full release, The Day Before plans to launch on Early Access. We’ve all been skeptical of this game ever since its less-than-stellar gameplay showcase, which featured a big open world with not much to do. It’s safe to say that The Day Before didn’t leave a very good impression on potential buyers, and the early access is an opportunity for developers at Fntastic to show what they can do.

When is The Day Before Early Access releasing?

The Day Before Early Access will release on December 7, 2023, and it will only be available on Steam for PC players. There are no specific dates as to when the game will launch on consoles. Exact details will likely be announced some time in the future.

It’s been two years since The Day Before was announced, and now we’ll finally get to see if it’s more fun than it looks. The early access will feature the game’s core multiplayer functions, so you’ll be able to play with your friends. You’ll have to wait for crossplay features until the full release, and when it’ll be available for the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S.

Early access might be the next best thing for The Day Before, allowing the developers some feedback to improve their game before its full launch. Other games on early access have been noted to be successful even after being on early access for a long time, such as Baldur’s Gate 3, Phasmophobia, and Ready or Not.

Many are anticipating the launch of The Day Before with a lot of skepticism. With a less-than-stellar gameplay trailer and other controversy involved, not many people are expecting the game to be much. However, it may have something interesting to offer, as initial impressions make it something like a blend between The Last of Us and The Division.

If you’re planning on playing The Day Before Early Access, you should go in expecting some features to be missing and a few bugs. Early access games are known for releasing when a game is in a playable state but is lacking features and needs some polishing. Since The Day Before will launch for the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S once the game is out of early access, you can expect the consoles to offer you the best possible version.

The Day Before Early Access Global Launch Times

The global launch times for The Day Before will be different depending on where you’re located. Here are all the launch times for The Day Before around the world:

The Day Before Early Access Global Launch Times
  • Los Angeles (10 AM, December 7th)
  • Quebec (1 PM, December 7th)
  • New York (1 PM, December 7th)
  • Rio De Janeiro (3PM, December 7th)
  • London (6PM, December 7th)
  • Paris (7PM, December 7th)
  • Cape Town (8PM, December 7th)
  • Istanbul (9PM, December 7th)
  • Moscow (9PM, December 7th)
  • New Delhi (11:30 PM, December 7th)
  • Astana (12AM, December 8th)
  • Bangkok (1AM, , December 8th)
  • Singapore (2AM, December 8th)
  • Beijing (2AM, December 8th)
  • Seoul (3AM, December 8th)
  • Yakutsk (3AM, December 8th)
  • Tokyo (3AM, December 8th)
  • Sydney (5AM, December 8th)
  • Auckland (7AM, December 8th)

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