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How to get the best ending in The Devil in Me.

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If you’re looking for how to keep everyone alive in The Devil in Me, that may be a little tough considering you’re being hunted by a nigh unstoppable serial killer. There are plenty of choices that will get you killed and it’s not always so clear what you should do to stay alive. We’ve created this guide that will teach you how to get the best ending in The Devil in Me and ensure everyone makes it out alive.

This guide has many potential spoilers to those looking to experience The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me fresh for the first time. View the contents at your own discretion.

There are two key things you need to nail in order to keep everyone alive: passing QTE sections and making the right decisions. Failing QTEs and making poor choices can mean the end of you. And there are more than a handful of scenarios that put you into dangerous situations where you have to think and act fast.

Keep Everyone Alive With QTEs

There are more than a handful of Quick Time Events that happen over the course of The Devil in Me. Those who have played The Dark Pictures Anthology or even The Quarry before will find some of the QTEs to be rather familiar, but Supermassive Games did add some new ones. Your first tutorial of QTEs will come from The Devil in Me prologue where you’ll get an idea of the basics.

Here are the standards QTEs in The Devil in Me:

  • Heartbeat: You’ll have to press the right button for when the prompt comes into the screen. While you’ll be able to see when you need to interact with the prompt, it can alternate between two different buttons and you need to press the right one on screen.
  • Button Mash: You’ll usually be using this to bash something open before the timer runs out.
  • Aim: You need to aim with the right stick or mouse and then hit with the trigger button or left click.
  • Button Press: Press the button on the screen before the time runs out.

You should familiarize yourself with the Heartbeat QTE as it happens the most in the game for when you’re in danger.

Here are some QTEs that are new in The Devil in Me:

  • Hiding: You’ll have to move to a designated hiding spot and press the left trigger to hide there. You’ll have to keep holding the hide button until the threat is no longer there. This is a mechanic that was borrowed from The Quarry, an entry that is not part of The Dark Pictures Anthology.
  • Balancing: You’ll have to guide your characters across narrow bridges by maintaining their balance with the right stick. You need to ensure they’re not leaning too much towards to one side.

Once you master how to do the QTEs in The Devil in Me it makes your goal of keeping everyone alive that much easier. This can be more challenging than making decisions as a poorly timed button press can mean the end for the protagonists. If you find the QTEs to be too intrusive, you are able to adjust the difficulty before starting the game or toggle the options for QTEs in the Accessibility tab in the Settings menu.

Keep Everyone Alive With The Right Decisions

The other key factor to keep everyone alive in The Devil in Me is by making the right decisions. Here are the critical choices in the game you need to get right:

Take the Inhaler The Devil in Me how to keep everyone alive

Take the Inhaler

The first decision that will lead to a potential death is when Erin is trapped in a room with a HH Holmes mannequin. You need to take the inhaler and inhale it in order to keep Erin alive. Gathering your courage to attack the mysterious figure will end in her demise.

The inhaler is a key item for Erin as she is the only one in the group with asthma. Whenever she’s getting an asthma attack, you need to pull this up from her inventory. This will keep Erin alive.

Hide in the Cupboard The Devil in Me how to keep everyone alive

Hide in the Cupboard

The second decision that can lead to another potential death is with Erin again after she finishes exploring the Silver Ash Institute. Erin will hear Jamie’s voice from one of the mannequins telling her that she’s in danger. You will then have the option to hide or to run. You have to pick hide or else Erin will die.

Lift the Grate The Devil in Me how to keep everyone alive

Lift the Grate

In the Incinerator as Charlie, you need to choose the Lift the Grate option over forcing the door. Charlie will initially struggle with trying to lift it but then you get a second choice where you need to pick to lift the grate again. Charlie will eventually be able to lift the grate and get inside which saves his life.

Choose to Kill Kate The Devil in Me how to keep everyone alive

Choose to Kill Kate

As Jamie you have to pick to kill either Kate or Erin when they’re trapped in a room that is slowly losing oxygen. Pick to kill Kate over Erin as the former will notice a leakage of air on the window which Mark will break, saving her life. If you pick to kill Erin, she will die.

Send the Wall to Whoever Has the Screwdriver The Devil in Me how to keep everyone alive

Send the Wall to Whoever Has the Screwdriver

In the Director’s Suite, you can choose to have Kate or Jamie have the screwdriver. Take note of whoever has this because in the section where both Kate and Jamie are trapped in a room with a moving glass wall going to one side. You have to make the glass wall go to the one with the screwdriver.

If Jamie has the screwdriver, do not choose to interact with the button that sends the glass wall Kate’s way. The screwdriver will save her life.

If Kate chose to keep the screwdriver instead of giving it to Jamie, then press the button that sends that glass wall to the other side of the room. The screwdriver will save Kate’s life.

For the best relationship between Kate and Jamie, give the screwdriver to Jamie and don’t send the glass wall to crush Kate.

Save Jamie The Devil in Me how to keep everyone alive

Save Jamie

After Kate accomplishes a series of QTEs to get away from the serial killer, she will wound up on the roof with Jamie in danger. Choose to save Jamie from the clutches of her would be killer instead of fleeing otherwise she will die.

Run in the Barn The Devil in Me how to keep everyone alive

Run in the Barn

In the barn with Erin, Jamie, and Kate after escaping the garden maze you are given some options. You can pick the option to barricade the door but it won’t hold. Erin will yell at you to run and you’ll have the option to run or climb. You need to pick run or else Erin will die.

Choose to Trust Charlie The Devil in Me how to keep everyone alive

Choose to Trust Charlie

After Mark, Charlie, and Erin reunite, Erin will accuse Charlie of orchestrating the Lonnit film crew’s murder. You can choose to tie up Charlie as Mark or take his side. You need to trust Charlie or else he will die later.

Survive the Boat The Devil in Me how to keep everyone alive

Survive the Boat

In the Devil in Me finale, you’ll have to survive the boat against the killer once last final time. Several QTE options will have to be succeeded in order to save everyone’s life. The first will be Erin’s as the killer will jump on board of the boat. You need to press the buttons on the screen so that the Lonnit film crew jump overboard to save their lives.

The only ones who can stay and fight will be Mark, Kate, and Jamie. Jamie will have the option to stay and attack the killer as well or jump overboard but the only option that lets her live is the latter where she jumps. Kate can choose to jump or attack the killer which affects her relationship with Mark. If you want the best ending for Kate and Mark, make her stay.

Mark is the final survivor who fights against the killer. You need to nail the QTEs to injure your assailant and survive the night. There will be a last QTE for Mark to jump overboard as well.

After all of that, you will keep everyone alive in The Devil in Me. If you miss your chance to save certain characters, you are able to use the Scene Selector from the Main Menu of the game to go back to the chapter and redo it again. Which will help in saving time so you don’t have to start a new game.

We hope this article was informative and useful into helping you the game’s golden ending. For more on The Devil in Me, you’re already in the right place.

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