The Flame: I Knew You Had It in You Walkthrough – Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Guide

This guide is a walkthrough of the I Knew You Had It in You mission of The Flame side story in Marvel's Spider-Man 2.

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 I Knew You Had It in You cover

I Knew You Had It in You is the third mission of The Flame side story in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. After The Flame tells Yuri to meet her at the abandoned hospital, she decides to accept his invitation despite being an obvious trap.

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The I Knew You Had It in You mission will be unlocked after completing the Everything Burns mission of The Flame side story, and only after progressing and completing the Flames Have Been Lit main story mission. All missions under The Flame side story are exclusive only for Peter Parker.

Meet with Yuri

The Flame: I Knew You Had It in You - Meet with Yuri

Once you get the first objective, follow the marker which leads to a rooftop. Approach the scratched wall to trigger a cutscene and fast-travel to the hospital.

Find a way inside

The Flame: I Knew You Had It in You - Find a way inside

Head to the east side of the hospital and climb up the upper level to find a hole in the wall where you can get in. Follow the path ahead down into the lower level, then head to the flaming corridor; to the right side is a hole near the ceiling that you can crawl through.

Follow the rats through the next hole to get to another room that has another cultist.

Find an alternate route

The Flame: I Knew You Had It in You - Find an alternate route

Take down the cultist and before leaving the room, scan the Oscorp blueprint on the wall, the map of Brooklyn, and the whiteboard in the corner of the room. There’s also a recorder that you can listen to on the table nearby and a book at the podium. After scanning everything, head to the hole on top of the blueprint to proceed.

Take down the cultists

The Flame: I Knew You Had It in You - Take down the cultists

Crawl through the hole until you reach the next room full of cultists. Take them all down, then head to the rubble.

Head into the sanctum

The Flame: I Knew You Had It in You - Head into the sanctum

Pull the rubble out of the path, then head down into the sanctum where Yuri is engaging with The Flame. After stopping Yuri from killing The Flame, you will then have a boss fight against her.

Stop Yuri

The Flame: I Knew You Had It in You - Stop Yuri

Yuri uses her chain and sickle to attack from midrange and to close the gap between you. Look out for her heavy attacks as they can be parried, leaving her open for a counterattack. During her second phase, she will have an additional heavy attack to watch out for.

The Flame: I Knew You Had It in You - Stop Yuri Phase 2

After depleting Yuri’s health in the second phase, a cutscene will play where you save The Flame, but he sabotages it with an explosion. Yuri will continue her pursuit, but you stop her which leads to a third phase.

Stop Yuri Phase 3

Yuri becomes more aggressive with her attacks and can deal longer hard-hitting combos with her weapon. She can now use her weapon to grab objects and throw them towards you. Yuri can also whip her chain above you to pull the ceiling down; watch out for the blue aura that telegraphs this move.

The Flame: I Knew You Had It in You - Stop Yuri last phase

Once her health drops back down to ~60%, Yuri impairs your vision for the fourth phase. In this phase, she jumps in and out of your vision, making it harder for you to track her down. Pay attention to your Spidey Sense to avoid any incoming chain attacks. Pay attention to her running attack (blue aura) which you’ll have to avoid, otherwise, it takes out a huge chunk of your health. Try to parry most of her attacks in order to get windows through her combos as she becomes relentless with them.

Yuri impairs your vision at ~30% of her health once more; focus on parrying her attacks at this point until you get your normal vision back, then continue on the offensive.

Continue on without Yuri

After ending the fight and saving Yuri from the collapsing building, she leaves you to stop The Flame on her own. You will then be rewarded 2,000 XP, 6 Hero Tokens, and 300 Tech Parts for completing the mission.

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