The Helm of Urtkot Hogwarts Legacy quest guide

How to complete the Helm of Urtkot in Hogwarts Legacy

The Helm of Urtkot is a main story quest in Hogwarts Legacy where you’re looking for an sacred Goblin relic in order to fool Ranrok into spilling his plans to your ally, Lodgok. The biggest challenge in this quest is the rather tricky dungeon you have to navigate which is easy to get lost in. Here’s a walkthrough showing you how to complete The Helm of Urtkot in Hogwarts Legacy.

The Helm of Urtkot Hogwarts Legacy Walkthrough

The Helm of Urtkot is the twenty-third main story quest in Hogwarts Legacy. It is recommended that you’re at least Level 12 before starting this quest.

Talk to Sirona

Go to Hogsmeade and speak with Sirona at the Three Broomsticks. She’ll reveal that she knows a friend who could help you learn more about Ranrok. After a brief conversation, she’ll direct you to where you can find Lodgok.

Talk to Lodgok

Go to the Hogs Head tavern and speak to Lodgok who is sitting at the left of the tavern. He’ll introduce himself to you and tell you about his falling out with Ranrok. However he could convince him to spill his secrets if he has a sacred Goblin relic that he needs your help getting.

Meet Lodgok, The Helm of Urtkot Hogwarts Legacy quest

Go with Lodgok to the Witch’s Tomb

Once you’re ready, follow the quest marker outside of Hogsmeade where you’ll meet up with Lodgok. On the way, Lodgok will tell you a little bit about the sacred relic you’re after which is the Helmet of Urtkot and some lore on goblins.

Descend into the Collector’s Cave

Descend down the steps of the Collector’s Cave to retrieve the helmet. The first thing you’ll run into is a moth door being powered only by two moths. However you’ll need all three moths to get this door running.

Moth door, The Helm of Urtkot Hogwarts Legacy quest

Cast Lumos and head to the passageway on the left. The moth there will see the bright light and will follow you. Head back to the moth door again and uncast Lumos to get the moth to stop following you and place itself on the door. This will open it for you to pass. There is a chest on the left dead end before you descend another flight of stairs.

You’ll encounter an empty tomb with another moth door in front. This time, there are no moths powering it. Two moths are around the room you’re in which you can use Lumos to lead them to power the door. The third moth is inside the door to the right which can be forced open with Accio or Depulso.

Inferius, The Helm of Urtkot Hogwarts Legacy quest

Once you lead the third moth into the door, it will open. Go inside and you’ll encounter Inferi which are undead enemies that can’t be harmed by your regular spells. You’ll have to use something to set them on fire so use Confringo, Incendio, or use Ancient Magic Throw the explosive barrels to put them down for good.

After dealing with the Inferno, head deeper where you’ll come across another room with a moth door. You’ll actually have to use Lumos to take a moth from the door itself in order to power the mechanism in the center of the room. Once it’s powered up, step on a platform on the right side of the room. Then use Depulso on the mechanism multiple times in order to raise that mechanism to a higher ground which leads to another moth.

Use Lumos to lead this moth away and place it on the moth door. Then take back the moth you placed on the mechanism. This will allow you to head further inside.

Hanging crate, The Helm of Urtkot Hogwarts Legacy quest

Inside you’ll find a room with a crate hanging in the center. You can shoot down this crate with a simple basic cast which will leave a hole in the ground you can jump through. However before you do, you should stay around and loot the area first.

There is a set of broken doors that can be forced open with Depulso. Enter that room and use Accio on the crate to drag it around and create a platform to reach the two chests on an upper level. When you get everything, you can descend down the hole you created.

Descend down and you’ll land in water. There are multiple paths here with one leading to the room back above. Instead head into a large new area and be prepared for a fight with a lot of Inferi. Thankfully there are a lot of explosive objects you can throw with Ancient Magic Throw to quickly dispatch them.

Puzzle, The Helm of Urtkot Hogwarts Legacy quest

After taking care of the Inferi, you’ll notice there’s a moth related puzzle in this room. Unlike the previous rooms that has three moths, this room has four of them. There are two moths on each side of the room that can be used to power up the mechanism in the center. Use Lumos to lead one of them to it and stand on the platform in front. Cast Depulso on the mechanism and it will raise the platform. Grab the two moths on the higher level and place them on the moth door to the left. You should still have one extra moth down below you can grab as well.

Since you can’t cast Depulso while Lumos is active, place the last moth on the mechanism to the left instead. Once you cast Depulso to raise you above, the moth will also be raised with you. You can now take it with Lumos and proceed.

Sarcophagus, The Helm of Urtkot Hogwarts Legacy quest

Enter the room where you’ll find the sarcophagus. You’ll find that the Helm of Urtkot has already been stolen by Rockwood’s men. Behind the sarcophagus, there is a quick way to exit the dungeon.

Interact with Lodgok and tell him what you found.

Take Care of the Bandits

After telling him that the Helm of Urtkot has been taken by Rockwood’s men, Lodgok will note that there’s a small bandit camp nearby. He’ll send you over there to get it.

Once you’re prepared for combat, head over there and dispatch the bandits. They also have a troll with them so it can be quite a fight. You’ll find the Helm of Urtkot in a chest inside on of the tents.

Take Care of the Bandits, The Helm of Urtkot Hogwarts Legacy quest

After taking the helm, you’ll be ambushed by an Ashwinder Assassin in a mini boss fight. The fight isn’t that tough and you can easily dispatch them before heading back to Lodgok and finishing The Helm of Urtkot Hogwarts Legacy quest.

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