The Medium Guide: How to find Jack’s Tie Clip

Here's how you can find Jack's tie clip.

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Finding Jack’s tie clip in The Medium wouldn’t be that hard. But if you are having difficulty finding the tie clip, this guide will help you through the process of finding Jack’s tie clip.

So immediately after the game’s initial cinematic, you get to watch a girl running into the woods trying to escape from a man who’s trying to kill her. Eventually, the man catches up to the girl, pulls out his pistol, and shoots her immediately after the screen turned pitch black.

Looking for clues in The Medium isn’t entirely that difficult as “white dots” usually appear when you’re close to an object you can interact with.

How to find Jack’s Tie Clip

You are then brought to the apartment with Marianne looking outside the window. Once you get to control Marianne, head directly to the center table. A prompt will appear to interact with an object, press the corresponding key, you will then open a calendar book. After a quick look, there is no other object in the room, you will need to go outside through the white door.

So immediately after you get out of the room, Marianne will get scared of a black cat that runs towards the end of the hallway entering the room to the left. What you need to do is to go to your right, there’s another short hallway that leads you to the locked door (before you can unlock the locked door, you will need to find Jack’s tie clip first) located to the left with the kitchen to your right, at the farthest part of the hallway the door to the right leads to the bathroom.

By the door, you can interact with the cat bowl and you will find the Funeral Key. By the kitchen counter, you can also pick up the Kocie Lakocie cat food. You may be wondering, what should you do with the cat food you just picked up? You go back to the cat bowl by the kitchen door, interact with the object to feed your cat.

It’s nice to feed your cat, but that’s the only interaction you can do with your black feline.

In the kitchen, you will see a table to your right well lit by a hanging lamp. You can interact with the newspaper from Good Morning Cracow.

After you’ve found all the interactable objects in the kitchen room, you can see the open red room by the far left of the area, that’s the photography darkroom. You get inside the darkroom, and this is where you learn how to develop photos. Do take note that when you progress further into the game, there will be times when you have to do this process to uncover mysteries. So take your time in learning the process of developing photos.

Now, let’s go back to the door where we came out at the beginning, down the hallway, you will see a closed double door, and a room to the left. Remember where the cat went when it spooked you? Yes, that’s the room. This is where you can find Jack’s tie clip.

Look at the left and you will see an old clock. A prompt will appear for you to get into the first-person view, and by look at your lower right, you can interact with the small red box that appears to be where the tie clip was kept. But when you open it the clip tie isn’t there. So where’s Jack’s tie clip?

This is when you get to use the Insight ability that enhances Marianne’s senses to find hidden objects. After you activate the Insight vision, you will notice that the tie clip is under the clock. Interact with the clock to move it then you finally find Jack’s tie clip. The locked door across the bathroom is now unlocked.

Now if you are looking for a way to unlock the Red House Secret Door and have difficulty finding the combination, we have a guide that will help you out.

The Medium is available on Xbox Series X|S and PC. The PS5 version will come out on September 3.