The Medium: How To Solve The Clock Puzzle

Here's how you can solve the clock puzzle in Thomas' office on The Medium.

solve the clock puzzle

The clock puzzle inside Thomas’ office is a hurdle a lot of people found difficult to overcome in The Medium. This area itself is an integral checkpoint in the story and solving this puzzle is necessary to move forward with the game. Read on to know how to solve the clock puzzle in Thomas’ office.

How to Solve The Clock Puzzle

Solving this puzzle, like so many other puzzles in the game, requires you to focus on both the physical world and the spirit world. In case you don’t have the key to open the cabinet to the clock yet, simply head directly to the desk at the center of Thomas’ office and retrieve the key in one of the drawers.

Rewinding Time

Walk over to the clock and move its hands backwards to manipulate the flow of time in the spirit world. Whenever you do so, you will be able to interact with Thomas’ echo on multiple occasions. Feel free to check them out as you see fit for lore and backstory information. However, to solve the puzzle, you’re going to want to pay attention to the desk.

clock puzzle 4 o'clock

As you reach the four o’clock mark, you’re going to spot a spirit well on top of Thomas’ desk. Head over to the desk and absorb the spirit. Head back to the clock and move the hands forward to about 5:05 to reveal the entrance to a secret room. Use your out-of-body experience to enter this room in the spirit world. Once in the room, head over to the fuse box on the wall and hit it with your Spirit Blast. This will provide power to a certain switch that will open up this room in the physical world.

Go over to the cabinet at the secret room’s opening to find and activate this switch. The switch in question is hiding behind a photo. Use your insight to find this and activate it. This will finally open up the path, allowing you to head inside.

You’ve solved the puzzle! Now that you’re inside, things are immediately going to start being loud and intense, so just be sure to be ready for that.

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The Medium is now available on PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.