The Outlast Trials: All Amps, How to Unlock & Use Them

Find out more about all the powerful amps and what their effects are in The Outlast Trials with the help of this guide.

The Outlast Trials Amps cover

Amps are contrabands that players can acquire in The Outlast Trials. These amps require more effort to unlock, but the perks that they can provide are more powerful and helpful than some of the prescriptions in the game. Unlocking these amps will definitely help make the harder challenges feel more like walks in the park.

Read ahead as we go through all the Amps in The Outlast Trials, share how to unlock them and what effects they offer.

How to unlock Amps in The Outlast Trials

To unlock amps in The Outlast Trials, players must first reach Therapy Level 10 by earning XP through completing trials and challenges. Once done, they will be able to go and visit Dorris at the Cafeteria.

Amps can then be purchased from Dorris, but not all of them will be available right away. Every two levels that players gain from level 10 onward will unlock the next amp in the selection.

How to use Amps in The Outlast Trials

Amps act as passive perks that can be added to a loadout before heading into a trial or challenge. Three amps can be equipped at once in a loadout, which can be done at the central terminal within the facility.

All Amp types in The Outlast Trials

There are a total of 9 Amps that can be unlocked in The Outlast Trials, and each one of them offers a different perk. These are:

  1. Slippers
  2. Hide and Breathe
  3. Cacophony
  4. Double Doses
  5. Hide and Heal
  6. Strong Arm
  7. Noise reduction
  8. Quick Escape
  9. Antitoxin
All Amp types in The Outlast Trials


Slippers allow players to walk over broken glass without making any noise. This is a definite must have amp for players who wants to take the stealthy approach and avoid any encounters as much as possible. Slippers can be unlocked at Therapy Level 10.

Hide and Breathe

Hide and Breathe makes stamina recovery happen immediately as soon as players hide in a hiding spot. It is a useful amp for players who want to speed run a challenge without being hampered too much by their stamina. Hide and Breathe can be unlocked at Therapy Level 12.


Cacophony makes bottles and bricks crash louder to become more effective at distracting enemies. This is useful for players who just want to avoid encounters or lure away enemies out of their paths at the cost of these throwables. Cacophony can be unlocked at Therapy Level 14.

Double Doses

Double Doses allow players to use syringes twice. This amps usefulness can only be utilized in co-op sessions where having more doses of syringes on hand can also raise the survivability of the team. Double Doses can be unlocked at Therapy Level 16.

Hide and Heal

Hide and Heal allows players to gain health regeneration while hiding in a hiding spot. However, this amp only provides partial regeneration of a health segment and it will not regenerate an entire health bar coming from critical health. Hide and Heal can be unlocked at Therapy Level 18.

Strong Arm

Strong Arm makes bricks and bottles hit enemies harder and be more effective at staggering or stunning them. Another great perk for throwers to get just to make the most out of the throwables. Strong Arm can be unlocked at Therapy Level 20.

Noise Reduction

Noise Reduction reduces noise from running and opening doors. Stealth players can even rival the Skinner Man with his stealthiness by having this amp in their loadout. Noise Reduction can be unlocked at Therapy Level 22.

Quick Escape

Quick Escape allows players to gain a speed and stamina increase after taking a hit. This is a reactive amp that comes in handy whenever a lot of enemies get alerted and avoiding them becomes impossible. Quick Escape can be unlocked at Therapy Level 24.


Antitoxin cuts down the psychosis duration to just half and it also allows players to regain their sanity after some time. Psychosis becomes less of a threat and less of a nuisance with this amp in the loadout. Antitoxin can be unlocked at Therapy Level 26.

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