The Texas Chain Saw Massacre: How to Escape the Gas Station Level

This guide will walk you through the Gas Station in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and detail every possible way to escape every level.

Texas Chain Saw Massacre Gas Station cover

The Gas Station is one of the levels in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. This location is known as the first place where things start to turn for the worse for the victims. Despite being a gas station, its pumps do not actually have gas, but they do serve barbeque with a questionable type of meat. Read ahead as we talk more about the Gas Station and the ways to escape the place in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre.

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To escape the Gas Station in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, you will have to make your way from the basement and through the homestead while performing certain tasks which involve opening the several exit points that surround the house.

Basement Level

Basement Level - Texas Chain Saw Massacre How to Escape the Gas Station

As you start a round, you will be captured inside one of the cells inside the basement. Free yourself from your chains, but pay attention to the noise meter; the more you try to move, the higher the noise meter goes up until it reaches max. Once the noise meter turns red, it will help the hunters figure out which cell you will be coming out of, plus it will also awaken Grandpa which can serve as the radar for the hunter, so try to make as little noise as possible to buy some time.

During this time, the hunters will be out and preparing their traps in and around the homestead, but this does not stop them long enough to start hunting you down in the basement.

Once you’re free, you will notice that all the exit doors for the basement are highlighted for 30 seconds. The doors will always be in the same place, but it’s best to use this time to orient yourself and learn what paths to take.

Your first objective is to find a lockpick which are usually on tool boxes in the different rooms in the basement. Same as the chains, you will make noises as you try to get a lockpick. You can take two tools at max.

Aside from the obvious doorways, there are also cracks on the wall and crawlspaces where you can pass through. Use these alternate paths to shake off any hunters as most hunters can’t fit through them. You will know if a hunter has spotted you if you start seeing your border turn yellow, and it will turn redder the closer they get to you.

The exit doors in the basement can be found in these areas:

  • Shed Basement
  • South Tunnel
  • Tool Storage
  • House Basement

Taking any of these exits will allow you to reach the ground level of the homestead.

Homestead / Ground Level

Homestead / Ground Level - Texas Chain Saw Massacre How to Escape the Gas Station

Once you’re at the ground level, you will then have to start looking for the most viable ways to exit the map. There are several ways that you can do so and their locations will always be the same in every instance of the map. However, some of the items that you will need and spots that you will interact with will have their locations be randomized in every play.

Also, you can try and incapacitate Grandpa, who is most likely awake by now, to try and slow down the hunters from knowing your exact location.

These are the locations that Grandpa can spawn in the Gas Station:

  • Exterior, near Storage Shed
  • House Hallway

Unlike the Family House which revolves mostly around the 2-storey house and a basement, there are no other floors to work with other than the Basement and the Homestead in the Gas Station. On the other hand, navigating around the Homestead can be confusing with all the obstacles and the sheds that are in it. There are also plenty of tall grass and shady spots to use as hiding places within the property.

Gas Station Storefront Exit

The Storefront is one of the exits in the Gas Station. It can be the most straightforward exit that players can take, but it can also be the most heavily guarded one. To take this exit, you must at least have 2 tools with you as you arrive at the Homestead.

There are two doors that could potentially be padlocked blocking you from your freedom. Make your way to the Compound, then to the Smokeroom where you will find the door to the Storefront. Once you’re out, continue running along the road to safety.

Gas Station Basement Fusebox Tunnel / Fuse Exit

Gas Station Fusebox Tunnel / North Tunnel Basement Exit - Texas Chain Saw Massacre How to Escape the Gas Station

The Fusebox Tunnel is one of the exits in the Gas Station. Using this tunnel will require you to find a fuse within the homestead, and then placing that fuse inside the fuse box to power up the Fusebox Tunnel gate found in the North Tunnel Basement.

When you place a fuse inside a fuse box, you will have to do a short puzzle to make sure that you have the proper values set in place. There are at least two spots where fuses can be found, and one spot where the fuse box can spawn; both are usually found in the Homestead level, only the exit gate can be found in the Basement level.

These are the locations where the fuses can be found:

  • Living Room
  • Compound
  • Garden Shed

These are the locations where the fuse boxes can be found:

  • Rear Bedroom
  • Exterior, near Storage Shed

Gas Station Pressure Valve / Valve Exit

Gas Station Pressure Valve / Valve Exit - Texas Chain Saw Massacre How to Escape the Gas Station

The Valve Exit is one of the exits in the Gas Station. For this exit, you will need to get a valve handle and place it on a valve pump, then turn the pump so that it overloads the pressure valve that is connected to the pressure-controlled gate. You will need to have a tool to pry a handle off of pipes that have them.

These are the locations where the valve handles can be found:

  • Compound
  • Backfield
  • Exterior, near Living Room
  • Living Room
  • Compound, near Shop Backroom
  • Backfield, near Barn
  • Exterior, near Valve Exit

These are the locations where the valve pumps can be found:

  • Exterior, near Rear Bedroom
  • Exterior, near House

Gas Station Compound / Cattle Grid Exit

Gas Station Electrified Gate / Compound Exit - Texas Chain Saw Massacre How to Escape the Gas Station

The Electrified Gate is one of the exits in the Gas Station. This gate will require you to locate the generator which is usually found at the Compound. Once found, you will have to kick the generator until it breaks down. You can then access the gate and unlock it to get out of the map. Like with other gate exits, the hunters can simply fix the generator back up, you will have to make sure to reach the gate as soon as possible.

Gas Station Backfield / Cattle Grid Exit

Gas Station Cattle Grid / Backfield Exit - Texas Chain Saw Massacre How to Escape the Gas Station

The Backfield Exit is one of the exits in the Gas Station. After passing the gate that leads to the bridge, you will arrive at the Backfield with the gate up ahead. You can unlock the gate right away, but you will first have to power down the cattle grid on the other side. Follow the yellow cable on the ground to find the car battery that the cattle grid is connected to, and then turn it off so you can cross safely.

Gas Station Trophy and Achievements

There is one trophy or achievement that can only be obtained by playing on the Gas Station map, which is:

  • Outta Gas – Escape using each exit on the Gas Station level.

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