Tower of Fantasy Tier List (August 2022)

This Tower of Fantasy tier list will show you the best simulacrums to roll for.

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This Tower of Fantasy tier list will rank the simulacra you can get in the game based on how useful they are. Like many online gacha games, Tower of Fantasy gives you a set of characters to roll for. It will cost in-game currency to roll for these characters so it’s always best to know which characters you want to aim for.

The characters you can control in Tower of Fantasy are called Simulacrum. They’re divided into their own distinct roles. What roles they have depends on the weapon they’re wielding. Each simulacrum in Tower of Fantasy has their own unique weapon that they alone use.

Tower of Fantasy Simulacrum Ranked




Nemesis, King


Samir, Tsusbasa, Cobalt-B, Meryl, Claudia


Zero, Huma, Crow


Hilda, Shiro, Pepper, Coco Ritter, Ene


Bai Ling, Echo

This Tower of Fantasy tier list placements is based on how useful the simulacrum is on PVP and PVE content. Each character performs differently based on what you’re using them for. We kept that in mind while we picked who the best simulacrums are.

Unlike other games, in Tower of Fantasy you’re not actually playing as the characters themselves. Instead you control a Simulacra which contain the memories and experiences of the characters you’ve unlocked in the gacha. It can convert your main avatar to their appearance and personality so you’re essentially playing as them.

At the time of this writing, there are 17 Simulacra in Tower of Fantasy global version. However it depends on whether you’re playing the global version of the game or the exclusive China version. The Tower of Fantasy Chinese version has 24 Simulacra while the global has a little less. We weren’t able to get our hands on the Chinese version of the game, so this tier list will only comprise of the Tower of Fantasy global version.

Tower of Fantasy Tier List

Here are Tower of Fantasy simulacra ranked and their info:

Nemesis Tower of Fantasy Tier List

Nemesis (S-Tier)

  • Weapon: Venus
  • Role: Support
  • Element: Volt

Nemesis can clear buffs from crowds of enemies. This makes any hostile support particularly stunted as she can put a pause to any boost enemies receive. She’s also a great damage dealer against crowds of enemies. Nemesis can reliably clear mobs with ease which makes her a good offensive simulacrum despite her support role. This puts her at the top of our Tower of Fantasy tier list.

KING Tower of Fantasy Tier List

KING (S-Tier)

  • Weapon: Scythe of the Crow
  • Role: DPS
  • Element: Flame

KING is unrivaled when it comes to dealing damage. Due to his natural ability to debuff enemies by setting them on fire, he can turn any fight into a barbeque. His normal attack swings also encompass a wide range so you don’t have to worry about being too focused on a single target. KING is one of the best in dealing AoE damage due to his almost purely offensive attacks.

Samira Tower of Fantasy Tier List

Samir (A-Tier)

  • Weapon: Dual EM Stars
  • Role: DPS
  • Element: Volt

Samir is a great DPS and those going on full offensive will love her. Her weapon can can paralyze enemies and negate any use of debuffs for a few seconds. She’s particularly useful when dealing with enemies that can empower their allies giving her an edge in both PVP and PVE content.

Tsubasa Tower of Fantasy Tier List

Tsubasa (A-Tier)

  • Weapon: Icewind Arrow
  • Role: DPS
  • Element: Ice

Tsubasa can freeze enemies rendering them unable to move and inflict them with frostbitten. This Tower of Fantasy tier list wouldn’t be complete without a bow user. She’s actually very useful for PVP combat as frostbitten reduces enemy weapon charge by 50% debuffing them. Tsubasa is one of the best ranged fighters who has a lot of special effects with her weapons.

Cobalt-B Tower of Fantasy Tier List


  • Weapon: Blazing Revolver
  • Role: DPS
  • Element: Flame

Cobalt-B is great for dealing damage at a distance. Her natural ability to inflict burn damage on enemies allows her to clear crowds while at a safe distance. Any foe she inflicts ignite on will receive only half healing further debuffing them.

Meryl Tower of Fantasy Tier List

Meryl (A-Tier)

  • Weapon: Rosy Edge
  • Role: Defense
  • Element: Ice

Meryl is comparable to Tsubasa that they have the same status effects upon charging their weapon. She can freeze enemies, cause debuffs, and reduce her target’s weapon charge rate by half. The challenge is that Meryl is a melee fighter and has to land those fully charged hits.

Huma Tower of Fantasy Tier List

Huma (B-Tier)

  • Weapon: Molten Shield
  • Role: Defense
  • Element: Flame

Huma is a great pick for PVP content as her ability to mitigate damage can make or break any fight. The downside is that she’s clunky to control and challenging get used to due to her main use of a shield. She can ignite targets who then receive a penalty of less healing.

Crow Tower of Fantasy Tier List

Crow (B-Tier)

  • Weapon: Thunderblades
  • Resonance: DPS
  • Element: Volt

Crow is a decent DPS character but pales a bit when compared to the others. You may need some investment before he can shine. In his stage 3 Advancement, he’ll become more useful with 30% bonus damage to targets below 60% health. Crow is a pretty good simulacrum but he doesn’t really stand out.

Hilda Tower of Fantasy Tier List

Hilda (C-Tier)

  • Weapon: The Terminator
  • Role: DPS
  • Element: Ice

Hilda has a pretty good weapon that can turn into a turret. This puts her in a stationary position where she can’t really dodge however her ability to freeze opponents makes up for it.

Shiro Tower of Fantasy Tier List

Shiro (C-Tier)

  • Weapon: Chakram of the Seas
  • Role: DPS
  • Element: Physical

Shiro doesn’t have any particular elements but she is notable for being able to do additional damage on top of what she already has. Compared to other characters she doesn’t really shine in any particular way.

Pepper Tower of Fantasy Tier List

Pepper (C-Tier)

  • Weapon: Staff of Scars
  • Role: Support
  • Element: Volt

Pepper is a good early support character. Her dodge ability can cause healing to your allies. However you have to be willing to invest in her to really gain access to her good Advancements which may not be worth it in the long run.

Coco Ritter Tower of Fantasy Tier List

Coco Ritter (C-Tier)

  • Weapon: Absolute Zero
  • Role: Support
  • Element: Ice

Coco Ritter has the ability to freeze opponents and inflict status debuffs. Aside from her ability to heal there’s not much notable making her rather milquetoast.

Ene Tower of Fantasy Tier List

Ene (C-Tier)

  • Weapon: Pummeler
  • Role: Defense
  • Element: Ice

Ene can freeze targets and inflict status debuffs. However compared to other simulacrums who can do this, Ene pales in comparison. She can ideally stun foes but only if you invest in getting her into stage 5 Advancement which isn’t worth it.

Bai Ling Tower of Fantasy Tier List

Bai Ling (D-Tier)

  • Weapon: Nightingale’s Feather
  • Role: DPS
  • Element: Physical

Bai Ling is a ranged fighter who’s rather milquetoast. Aside from decent damage potential, there’s nothing about her that excels. It isn’t worth it to invest in her at this current time.

Echo Tower of Fantasy Tier List

Echo (D-Tier)

  • Weapon: Thunderous Halberd
  • Role: DPS
  • Element: Volt

Echo is a simulacrum who you can get early in the game. Her Halberd has good reach but she’s otherwise rather clunky to use.

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That’s our Tower of Fantasy Tier List. We hop you found this article to be informative. Stay with us because we have more Tower of Fantasy content for you.

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