Ultraman Season 2 Character File Trailer (Ultraman Taro & Izumi)

Meet the two newest members of Netflix's Ultraman

A new trailer of Ultraman Season 2 was recently released in the ULTRAMAN Youtube Channel this time featuring character profiles. In the character profile trailers, it presented two new characters that will make their debut in season 2 this coming April 14th, 2022 worldwide.

Kotaro Higashi/ Ultraman Taro (CV:前野智昭 / Tomoaki Maeno)

Kotaro Higashi is a young man who was works as a journalist in the United States who happens to have a sense of justice. When he returns to Japan, where his lover Izumi is waiting, a new story begins as he is suddenly infected with an unknown drug that suddenly gives him fire abilities and super strength.

Izumi (CV:坂本真綾 / Maaya Sakamoto)

Izumi is Kotaro’s girlfriend who is headstrong and always worries about what Kotaro does during his journalistic work. Their fates will change drastically by a piece of evidence that was found in their work related to humans being kidanapped or abducted out of nowhere known as the “Human Disappearance Incident.”

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