Ultraman Season 2 Pre-Screening Event and Official Airing Date Announced

2nd coming of Being Ultra

Tsubaraya have announced a new update regarding the release of the latest season of Ultraman on their Youtube channel. In their latest teaser, a pre-launch event will be held ahead of the worldwide distribution of the anime “ULTRAMAN” Season 2.

In addition to the world’s fastest pre-screening of Season 2, it will be held as one of the largest events such as Season 1’s premium orchestra concert and premium reading drama with a scenario drawn by the original author.

What is the Ultraman Season 2 Release Date?

The worldwide release date of Ultraman season 2 will be on April 14th, 2022 on Netflix.

What are the details of the event & Where to pre-order tickets?

  • Date: 2021/4/10 (Sun) 18:00 JST
  • Venue: Forest Hall 21 (Matsudo City Cultural Center)
  • Performers: Ryohei Kimura, Takuya Eguchi, Megumi Ban, Sumire Morohoshi, Tomoaki Maeno
  • Director: Kenji Kamiyama x Shinji Aramaki
  • Music: Nobuko Toda x Kazuma Jinnai

What is the Summary of Ultraman?

In this world, there once was a figure called the Giant of Light. After completing his mission, he had gone back to his homeland. He had erased all memories relating to him, giving humans the peace they once had. The story is based on a world where the Giant of Light is now the past. The high schooler, Shinjiro Hayata, notices that he has “special powers”.

Unbelievable jumping skills, strength well over humans, and a body too powerfully built were just enough for him to realize he is not “normal”. One day, he finds out that his father was once Ultraman. Shinjiro who has inherited those genes is one of the few who can wear the Ultra Suit and fight those wish to destroy peace among humans and aliens alike.

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