Upbeat Post-Apocalyptic Sandbox Game, I Am Future, Announced

Build yourself a home in a strangely beautiful post-apocalyptic world

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During the Guerrilla Collective showcase 2022, publisher tinyBuild and developer Mandragora featured, for the first time, their upcoming post-apocalyptic game, I Am Future. The game is coming to PC (via Steam) later this year.

It’s the end of the as we know it, and you feel fine. The weather’s great, this overgrown rooftop feels like a private garden, and the views are spectacular. Plus, who needs a green thumb when you’ve got a cool multifunctional bionic arm?

About I Am Future

I Am Future is a survival sandbox game with a refreshingly upbeat vibe. The world may be in ruins, but there’s potential for beauty deep in the overgrowth. Explore your rooftop gardens, gather resources, and build a scenic new home for yourself. Research new technologies to aid yourself, collect an assortment of tool attachments for your multifunctional bionic arm, and automate the housekeeping with the help of a swarm of cheery little helper robots.

Of course, there’s more to post-apocalyptic life than just chilling in the yard. From the comfort of home, send out drones to explore the ruins, chat with quirky new AI friends and uncover the secrets of what happened to the world. You’ll need every tool at your disposal and all the info you can gather once night falls. Danger lurks in the shadows of this strangely beautiful wasteland.

Whatever tore the world apart is still around. Protect the new utopia you’re building from these strange menaces. Construct defenses and prepare yourself for battle at night, then reap the rewards come daybreak. The old world may be gone, but there’s life and joy to be found in this new one.

Featuring both story-driven and more open sandbox modes, I Am Future brings its upbeat vision for the survival sandbox genre to PC (via Steam) later this year. Wishlist the game now on Stream and follow the development on Twitter for more details.

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