All V Rising Dunley Farmlands Bosses – How to beat

How to Beat Dunley Farmlands Bosses in V Rising

There are numerous bosses to face in V Rising, spread out across the area of Dunley Farmlands. In order to become a more powerful vampire, you must defeat V Blood Bosses. These bosses reward a variety of magical and vampire powers, structures, and recipes.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to beat all V Rising Dunley Farmlands bosses, where to find them, and what you’ll get in return for your efforts.

All of the Dunley Farmlands V Blood Boss in V Rising that have been discovered so far are listed below:

  • Beatrice the Tailor – Boss Level: 38
  • Vincent the Frost Bringer – Boss Level: 40
  • Christina the Sun Priestess – Boss Level: 44
  • Leandra the Shadow Priestess – Boss Level: 46
  • Terah the Geomancer – Boss Level: 48
  • Meredith the Bright Archer – Boss Level: 52
  • Octavian the Militia Captain – Boss Level: 58
  • Raziel the Shepherd – Boss Level: 60
  • Jade the Vampire Hunter – Boss Level: 62
  • Willfred the Werewolf Chief – Boss Level: 64

Beatrice the Tailor

You may find Beatrice the Tailor in Dawnbreak Village. This is also the location where you have the chance to loot fabric from a variety of items and storage. You get the ability to make fabric and the Loom, which you can use to make cloth after defeating this boss.

Beatrice the Tailor V Blood Boss - V Rising

How to Beat Beatrice the Tailor

You won’t have a hard time defeating Beatrice the Tailor, but you will need to have experience dealing with mobs. Due to the fact that it’s not actually a fight at all, the encounter with Beatrice the Tailor is one of the most interesting boss fights in V Rising.

She is situated in an area with a large crowd. If you put all of your attention towards dealing damage to Beatrice and try to keep the other enemies away from you as much as you can, you should have no trouble at all defeating Beatrice.

Beating Beatrice on your own is hard. Eliminate as many mobs as you can from the area. Finally, attempt to keep Beatrice from escaping too far away; she will flee till either you or she dies.

Recommended Gear & Abilities

It is essential that you have at least the third tier of armor, and you should also prioritize on learning skills that will help you escape or defend yourself in the event that you become surrounded by enemies.

Rewards for Defeating Beatrice the Tailor

After defeating Beatrice The Tailor in V Rising, you will receive the following rewards:

  • Vampire PowerHuman Form
  • StructureLoom, Assortment of Curtains
  • RecipeHunter’s Cloak, Cloth, Cotton Yarn

Vincent the Frost Bringer

It’s possible to run upon Vincent the Frostbringer while you’re traveling the roads in the middle of the Dunley Farmlands. As his name suggests, Vincent the Frostbringer is an expert in assaults that involve freezing.

Vincent The Frostbringer V Blood Boss - V Rising

How to Beat Vincent the Frost Bringer

His archer guards are the first thing you’ll want to destroy. You don’t want to end up fighting more mobs that walked down the trail, so get Vincent to follow you off the road. Key to success are mobility and defense spells. Ideally, you would like to avoid taking a hit. The only way to avoid it is to brace yourself.

Keeping your distance from Vincent’s strikes makes it easy to avoid his attacks. Utilizing medium range, carefully reduce his health to zero and you should be able to take him out without too much trouble. You will most likely die if another group of enemies or a new boss joins the battle.

Recommended Gear & Abilities

The minimal need for defeating Vincent is to have Iron weapons. It’s a good idea to have some first aid supplies in case you get hit pretty often. Hit attacks can freeze your character, and that’s when he causes the most damage.

Rewards for Defeating Vincent the Frost Bringer

After defeating Vincent the Frost Bringer in V Rising, you will receive the following rewards:

  • Vampire PowerFrost Barrier, Veil of Frost
  • StructurePrison Cell
  • RecipeReinforced Plank

Christina the Sun Priestess

The Dunley Farmlands’ center is guarded by Christina the Sun Priestess. Ranged assaults and healing are Christina the Sun Priestess’ specialization.

Christina the Sun Priestess V Blood Boss - V Rising

How to Beat Christina the Sun Priestess

Like other roaming bosses, she is accompanied by two shield-wielding soldiers. The first thing you need do is get rid of those soldiers, and then you can focus on her. Aim for medium range and avoid her area of effect attacks by staying in close proximity to her. Keep in mind that she can summon in reinforcements from time to time, so make sure to get rid of the extras first before attacking her.

Self-healing is by far Christina’s most annoying ability. The light energy that surrounds her will allow her to stand stationary and restore health. If you get close enough, you can stop the healing.

When you’re not dealing with adds or countering her healing, use some standard attacks to help you win. If you keep up this strategy, you’ll be able to defeat her.

Recommended Gear & Abilities

Iron weapons are a decent starting point for most of the Dunley Farmlands bosses. Even if you don’t have any healing items, this fight shouldn’t be too difficult if you know how to read her cues and change your strategy accordingly.

Rewards for Defeating Christina the Sun Priestess

After defeating Christina the Sun Priestess in V Rising, you will receive the following rewards:

  • Vampire PowerPurgatory
  • RecipeGlass, Empty Glass Bottle, Holy Resistance Potion, Blood Rose Potion

Leandra the Shadow Priestess

The Church of the Damned, located in the northern center of the Dunley Farmlands, is where you’ll encounter Leandra the Shadow Priestess.

Laendra the Shadow Priestess V Blood Boss - V Rising

How to Beat Leandra the Shadow Priestess

Leandra is a necromancer-themed boss, hence she is surrounded by Skeletons and Skeleton Bishops, which also have the ability to call more Skeletons. Before you can even approach her, you must first cut your way through a slew of skeletons.

Though in her arena, you’ll have some protection. While avoiding her assaults and dealing damage to her, keep an eye out for her adds. Be on the lookout for her Spectral Assassin attack, which has the appearance of a ghost racing toward you at high speed. As you deal with her, keep an eye out for Skeleton Bishops to limit the number of additional enemies at a moderate level.

Recommended Gear & Abilities

You should have at least one powerful AOE spell and an iron weaponry on you at all times. For further protection, you may wish to consider picking some defensive spells from her most powerful attacks.

Rewards for Defeating Leandra the Shadow Priestess

After defeating Leandra the Shadow Priestess in V Rising, you will receive the following rewards:

  • Vampire PowerSpectral Assassin
  • Structure Jewlcrafting Table
  • Recipe Scourge Pendant, Scourgestone, Skeleton Priest

Terah the Geomancer

Bedrock Pass, a canyon in Dunley Farmlands’ northwest corner, is where Terah the Geomancer can be located.

Terah the Geomancer V Blood Boss - V Rising

How to Beat Terah the Geomancer

Terah transforms into a gigantic golem, accompanied by two smaller golems, at the beginning of the fight. Before you may harm her, you must first eliminate the two smaller golems. Depending on the situation, she can either pound the ground, blast a series of subterranean spikes at you, or shower boulders down on you from above. All of these are simple to avoid, and her battlefield provides enough of space for you to do so.

Terah’s main drawback is her sluggishness. Attack  her with ranged weapons or magic, and avoid closed ranged combat if possible.

Recommended Gear & Abilities

You’ll need a powerful long-range weapon and at least one long-range spell. Terah’s attacks may do serious damage even if she moves slowly. Don’t get too close.

Rewards for Defeating Terah the Geomancer

After defeating Terah the Geomancer in V Rising, you will receive the following rewards:

  • Vampire PowerSpectral Guardian
  • Structure Gem Cutting Table
  • Recipe Siege Golem Stone, Regular Gems

Meredith the Bright Archer

Within or near Dunley Farmlands’ Haunted Iron Mine is where Meredith the Bright Archer is located.

Meredith the Bright Archer V Blood Boss - V Rising

How to Beat Meredith the Bright Archer

You should make an effort to remove all of the nearby mobs. Take her deeper into the mine if you can. As a result, human patrols will be less likely to get involved in the fight.

Start by killing her bodyguards. You must then avoid being struck by her arrows. The arrows hurt more than her dodge, which also causes damage. Melee, ranged, or magic attacks can all be used to reduce her health.

Meredith the Bright Archer may only be defeated solo if you keep her as far away from other foes as possible. Keep her in a place where you have plenty of room to move around and do everything you can to keep mobs out of the way.

Recommended Gear & Abilities

The minimum requirement for the fight with Meredith is full Iron and Wool gear. Defensive Skills are an excellent choice since they allow you to shield yourself from her arrows.

Rewards for Defeating Meredith the Bright Archer

After defeating Meredith the Bright Archer in V Rising, you will receive the following rewards:

  • Vampire PowerSanguine Coil
  • Recipe Wool Thread

Octavian the Militia Captain

Octavian the Militia Captain may be found in the Bastion of Dunley, located slightly to the right of the middle of Dunley Farmland.

Octavian the Militia Captain V Blood Boss - V Rising

How to Beat Octavian the Militia Captain

To be honest, Octavian’s agility means that avoiding him will be difficult. You should go into fight preparing to absorb some hits. Make the necessary preparations and have some healing resources in place.

Recommended Gear & Abilities

Choose spells that protect or heal you as a matter of necessity. During this fight, your best chance of surviving is to have a way to replenish your health while the fight is still going on.

Octavian’s speed and agility make it difficult to keep a safe distance from him. Aim to circle-strafe him and avoid any direct attacks by getting into close quarters and finding a decent position. Avoid getting too far away from him, and make sure you have enough healing stock on hand for when you do take a hit.

Rewards for Defeating Octavian the Militia Captain

After defeating Octavian the Militia Captain in V Rising, you will receive the following rewards:

  • Vampire PowerMirror Strike
  • Structure Anvil
  • Recipe Dark Silver Ingot, Dawnthorn Regalia, Dark Silver Weapons

Raziel the Shepherd

Situated in Dunley Monastery, Raziel the Shepherd may be found in the western part of Dunley Farmlands.

Raziel the Shepherd V Blood Boss - V Rising

How to Beat Raziel the Shepherd

You’ll want to make sure that you’re protected from Holy damage before you take on Raziel the Shepherd. If you can’t counteract the Holy wards protecting the arena you’re fighting him in, you have no hope of winning.

To be clear, you must first deal with Raziel and his armed bodyguards, who, like many other V Blood Carriers, must be eliminated as quickly as possible.

For your own safety, it is recommended that you eliminate any hostile NPC in your path. If that doesn’t work, your best bet is to hide and try to exhaust him in any way that suits you.

Recommended Gear & Abilities

A Holy resistance potion is the most crucial item you can bring to this fight, since you will be continually receiving damage without it. You should have the best Iron gear you can get your hands on for your other gear.

Rewards for Defeating Raziel the Shepherd

After defeating Raziel the Shepherd in V Rising, you will receive the following rewards:

  • Vampire PowerCrimson Beam
  • Structure Athenaeum
  • Recipe Silver Resistance Potion, Corrupted Artefact

Jade the Vampire Hunter

You should be able to find Jade the Vampire Hunter, walking around the central area of the Dunley Farmlands.

Jade the Vampire Hunter V Blood Boss - V Rising

How to Beat Jade the Vampire Hunter

Ranged assaults are the primary focus of Jade’s playstyle, and she employs a combination of rapid-fire musket fire and pinpoint accuracy.

The two methods in which she can supplement her ranged fighting are: To begin, several of her assaults will put you into a state of Suppression and prevent you from performing magic. Secondly, she’ll drop bombs or caltrops on the ground to slow you down or damage you, depending on the situation.

By using cover as much as possible, you have the best chance of surviving a fight with Jade. If possible, it’s a good idea to get her off the roadways to avoid having any additional adversaries join the fight.

Recommended Gear & Abilities

Jade is best attacked from a distance, so bring a bow. At the very least, pack a ranged spell. A close encounter with her will result in a barrage of explosives and long-range strikes.

Rewards for Defeating Jade the Vampire Hunter

After defeating Jade the Vampire Hunter in V Rising, you will receive the following rewards:

  • Vampire PowerChaos Barrage
  • Recipe Major Explosive Box, Primal Blood Essence

Willfred the Werewolf Chief

Located in Gloomgrave Village, the town of werewolves in the Dunley Farmlands, Willfred the Werewolf Chief can be found.

Willfred the Werewolf Chief V Blood Boss - V Rising

How to Beat Willfred the Werewolf Chief

To begin, you’ll need to get rid of the other werewolves in town. During the day, they have no defense, thus you’ll have an advantage in the fight against him.

Killing Willfred as a human will not provide V Blood unless he’s a werewolf. Even when he’s human, you can’t harm him because he’ll heal back to full health when he transforms. He may also disguise himself and try to get around you. You might be able to avoid his blows, but you’re going to get hit.

When his health begins to deteriorate, he will begin to summon humans and consume them to regain his health. As an option, you can assault him when he’s feeding and thus more vulnerable if you choose to kill the humans. When his health begins to deteriorate, it is imperative that you do not allow him to recuperate. The longer the fight goes on, the more likely Willfred is to win, so try to end it as quickly as possible.

Recommended Gear & Abilities

Bring healing potions along with you, as well as the very best gear you can get. Even if you have the gear level that comes after iron, this encounter will still be difficult for you to complete.

Rewards for Defeating Willfred the Werewolf Chief

After defeating Willfred the Werewolf Chief in V Rising, you will receive the following rewards:

  • Vampire PowerHeart Strike
  • Recipe Holy Resistance Flask

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