V Rising Sales Now Over a Million In Just a Short Time

Big sales number in just a week in early access!

Swedish game developer Stunlock Studios has now revealed the new sales number for early-access open-world vampire survival game V Rising.

According to the developers, V Rising has now sold over million copies after its first week in Early Access. The game offers gameplay with vampiric themes, the ability to play solo or co-op on official servers of up to 50 players. V Rising is now available on Steam for only $19.99.

Several media outlets are already praising the game. Check out what they have to say:

PC Gamer: “V Rising kept me playing all night … I’ve only played solo so far, but I’ve got a co-op date coming up and can’t wait to drain the world dry with a bud in tow.” 

Rock Paper Shotgun: “V Rising really impressed, turning us from skeptics to obsessed in next to no time.”

PCGamesN: “…An immediate hit on Steam.” 

Dexerto.com: “Combat is fluid and watching your influence (and castle) grow is incredibly satisfying.”

NME: “V Rising‘s toothy twist on Valheim brings enough fun to recommend in its own right.”

About the game:

v rising

Players will take on the role of a newly awakened vampire in a world ruled by humans and the goal of becoming the next Dracula. Feed on humans to gain new powers, hide from the sun, and engage in real-time PvE and PvP combat set in a dark fantasy realm. Manage and raise your castle and invite friends to join to explore the vast open world, pillage villages, skirmish with bandits, and dive into lairs of supernatural beasts. Attack other player’s castle or become allies.

Source: Press Release