Valheim: How to Defeat Eikthyr Boss Fight Guide

Valheim Eikthyr cover

Eikthyr is the first boss that players can face in Valheim. It is a mythical creature resembling a stag with horns that are charged with the power of lightning. Given that Eikthyr will be the players’ first boss encounter and that the gear available at this point is comparatively low, Eikthyr can become quite a challenge for the unprepared.

Read on, and we will share some tips and tricks on how to easily defeat him in this Eikthyr boss fight guide.

Valheim - How to Defeat Eikthyr Boss Fight Guide

How to find and summon Eikthyr

To find Eikthyr, you need to interact with its vegvisir or the small rock beside its Sacrificial Stone at the Forsaken Altar, also known as the starting point. It will then register Eikthyr’s summoning location on the map.

To summon Eikthyr, you must then place 2 Deer trophies on its summoning location. Deer trophies are a chance drop when slaying deer in the wild. Eikthyr can be summoned as many times as you want.

How to prepare for the Eikthyr boss fight

To prepare for Eikthyr, it’s recommended to have the full leather set upgraded to the highest possible level if you’re not comfortable with your dodging skills yet.

It’s also recommended to wield a bow and arrow when fighting Eikthyr at range while studying its moves, but a flint spear and a wood shield will also work up close.

Do remember to pack up enough food for the fight to heal up when needed. Also, it greatly helps to have the Rested effect before getting into the fight to get the +50% health regen and +100% stamina regen.

Eikthyr Moves and Attacks

Eikthyr has three main attacks:

  • Horn Swing – This is its melee attack where it swings its horns at close range. It’s telegraphed clearly so it can easily be dodged.
  • Lightning Horns – It charges for a short distance, then charges up its horns before letting out a blast of lightning towards the direction it’s facing.
  • Lightning Stomp – It rears up on its hind legs then stomps the ground, releasing an AoE lightning blast that has a mid-long range.

All attacks have easy tells, so as long as you have your dodge at the ready and know how to keep your distance, you should survive the fight.

It’s best to note that Eikthyr’s Horn Swing is strong enough to topple down trees, which could end up fatal if you happen to get squashed under one.

Eikthyr Boss Rewards

Defeating Eikthyr will give you these rewards:

  • Eikthyr trophy
  • Hard antler

The Eikthyr trophy can be hung on the Sacrificial stone to get Eikthyr’s forsaken power. This power can temporarily reduce the stamina cost of running and jumping by 60% and can be activated by pressing the F key.

The Hard antler is a key component to unlock and craft the Antler pickaxe which is the pickaxe that can mine the first ore in the game, the Copper ore.

Defeating Eikthyr also make Greydwarves start spawning in the Meadows.

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