Valorant’s Latest Agent Trailer Previews Neon and Her ‘Shocking’ New Moves

We get a first look Neon's abilities

Riot Games has released a new Valorant agent trailer featuring its newest agent, Neon. the short 2:44 video shows us everything we need to know about the character’s powers.

From what we can tell from the trailer, Neon will have two kinds of movement abilities. Firstly, he can move faster after activating the ability. Though it deactivates when she has her gun out. But it does seem like she can activate it again shortly after. Secondly, she can slide. Sliding in FPS games is a movement tech that comes in especially useful when clearing corners.

She also appears to be able to create two walls of electricity, giving her a corridor to run freely. Coupled with movement abilities, she can be pretty good at setting up ambushes. And finally, her Ultimate which seems like she’s firing a concentrated ray of electricity focusing on enemies in front of her.

We will get more details on her abilities when Riot formally announces her release. But the trailer does give us a pretty good idea of what Neon is capable of. The trailer also gives us hints about Neon’s interests. She does appear to be a fan of the Philippine National Basketball team, Gilas Pilipinas. She has a framed jersey of one of their players on her wall.

Valorant’s next update is called Episode 4: Disruption. It will release next week alongside a new battle pass.

Valorant is available right now on PC.

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