Vampire the Masquerade Bloodhunt Battle Pass – Rewards, Pricing, Outfits, and Everything You Need to Know

A list of Bloodhunt Battle Pass cosmetic rewards.

Vampire the Masquerade Bloodhunt Battle Pass

Vampire the Masquerade Bloodhunt battle pass is out now and available for purchase. This battle pass consists of over 85 vanity items from athletic streetwear to classy suits that wouldn’t look off in the Matrix.

PC and PS5 players can now take part of the vampire battle royale taking place in Prague. Bloodhunt is available to download on Steam and the PlayStation Store and features an extensive character customization that allows you to choose your character’s special abilities and modify their physical appearance.

And with the Bloodhunt Battle Pass players can earn even more cosmetic items to put new outfits on. Some of these outfits make you look like the titular Blade or Trinity from the Matrix. You might be interested in seeing what the Bloodhunt Battle Pass has to offer. On this article we’ll show you the outfits and other notable rewards you can get from purchasing the battle pass for Bloodhunt.

Bloodhunt Battle Pass Outfit Rewards

Free Battle Pass Rewards

Free Battle Pass Rewards Vampire the Masquerade Bloodhunt Battle Pass

These are the free rewards for those who don’t purchase the Battle Pass. Regardless if you have the Bloodhunt Battle Pass or not, you can earn 22 free rewards, including 300 Tokens and other outfits. You’ll be rewarded with a free vanity item every 4 to 5 levels. The outfit above called “Headshot” can be earned for free at Level 85.

Level 1 Battle Pass Rewards

The outfits up above are only wearable by Enforcer vampire archetypes. You’ll already get some cool outfits even at Level 1 of the Bloodhunt Battle Pass, however you’ll also receive a Player Banner, a Player Icon, and an “Iron Mask” mask that can be worn by any archetype.

Level 50 Battle Pass Rewards

The outfits for those who reach Level 50 are available for any vampire archetype regardless of clan. Not a bad choice of style for the Kindred who frequently love to dawn katanas.

Level 100 Battle Pass Rewards

Reaching Level 100 of the Bloodhunt Battle Pass of course has some pretty awesome rewards. The legendary outfits above “Reprobate” and “Rogue” can be worn by any archetype.

How Much Does the Bloodhunt Battle Pass Cost?

The Bloodhunt battle pass can be purchased for 950 Tokens which is around $10 USD. You will be rewarded with a total of 1,300 Tokens by completing the Battle Pass all the way to Level 100 so you can buy the next season’s Battle Pass for free if you choose to do so.

When Will the Bloodhunt Battle Pass Start and End?

The Bloodhunt Battle Pass will be start on April 29, 2022 and will run until the middle of July. You’ll have plenty of time to reach Level 100 of the battle pass.

Bloodhunt Battle Pass Rewards

Here are the notable Bloodhunt battle pass rewards you can earn arranged from tiers:

  • Iron Mask (Legendary Mask) – Tier 1
  • Dark Rogue (Legendary Mask) – Tier 8
  • Abated Apatite (Uncommon Make Up) – Tier 11
  • Can’t Handle This (Rare Emote) – Tier 11
  • Fleet Street (Rare Outfit) – Tier 17
  • Cross Reverence (Tattoo) – Tier 27
  • Crest (Uncommon Player Icon) – Tier 33
  •  No Man’s Land (Piercing) – Tier 38
  • Make My Day (Rare Emote) – Tier 46
  • Anaerobic (Outfit) – Tier 47
  • Alabaster (Epic Outfit) – Tier 57
  • Leather Façade (Rare Mask) – Tier 71
  • Procedure (Player Icon) – Tier 73
  • Serpent Spire (Player Banner) – Tier 77
  • Solarizing (Eyewear) – Tier 81
  • Headshot (Outfit) – Tier 85
  • River Styx (Makeup) – Tier 89
  • Smokestack (Rare Piercing) – Tier 99
  • Onyx Droplet (Rare Eyewear) – Tier 100
  • Flaming Skull (Legendary Player Banner) – Tier 100
  • Reprobate (Legendary Outfit) – Tier 100
  • Rogue (Legendary Outfit) – Tier 100
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That’s everything you need to know about the Bloodhunt Battle Pass. If this article helped you decide whether you should buy it or not, we hope that it helped. We have other Vampire: the Masquerade content you may be interested in.

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