Vault Cleaning Rules You Should Know Before Destiny 2 Lightfall

Prepare yourself, it's time for a vault cleaning

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There comes a time in every Guardian’s life when they have to start scrapping things in their vault to make space. May veterans of the game find this to be a straining exercise as they don’t feel like parting with the treasures they have accumulated over the years. But there are only 600 items in one’s vaults and Lightfall promises to add more than a page’s worth of items to the collection.

As a rule of thumb, you should get rid of most class items. They don’t have random stats on them and you can pretty much change the look through ornaments. It’s best to have a masterwork one for each element but otherwise, feel free to scrap them.

Also, very important. Do not dismantle items that bring up your Light Level. You need them so the next Pinnacle Gear you can actually increases your level. You scrap too many of these at a time and you’re looking a situation where you go one step forward and two steps back.

With that said, let’s continue with this list of tips for cleaning your Destiny 2 vault.

Vault Cleaning Rules You Should Know Before Destiny 2 Lightfall

Rule #1

Blue gear, vehicles, Ghost shells, and ships should be scrapped immediately if they’re taking up space.

You can easily bring them back up from Collections at the cost of a handful of shards. There is no risk of losing them forever. They’ll be waiting for you should you feel nostalgic about the Good ole Days of Destiny 2.

Rule #2

The same rule applies to all the Exotic weapons in the game.

Their perks will remain the same no matter what. And you won’t lose the Masterwork if you’ve already dismantled it. What sucks though is that you’ll lose the kill count on the one and you’ll have to infuse another weapon to bring it up from the base level of 1350 after crafting it. But hey, if you aren’t a frequent user of said Exotic, it’s better left in Collections until such a time when it can be used.

Rule #3

Letting go of Sunset weapons.

“Look at the flowers, sweetie”. That imagery alone brings back some powerful memories. Objectively, there’s no reason to keep sunset weapons. You can’t infuse them beyond the base 1350, and there are better guns that do the job better with fancy Origin Traits and elemental explosions.

But there are some mods and perks you can’t even get anymore. And some of these guns are too good to scrap. I can’t blame you for keeping them in your vault if that’s what you want. It won’t hurt to keep some as a memento of better times.

Rule #4

Ask yourself, “Am I ever going to use this weapon at all?”

If the answer is “maybe”, then you should probably scrap it for vault space. Look, Destiny 2 accommodates a lot of weapons. But unless you play this game 24/7, you can’t dedicate your time to each and every gun in your vault. Choose favorites and move on.

Also, know which perks work for you. Judgment ultimately boils down to if you actually make use of the perks. Random rolls with a PvP perk on one side and PvE perk on the other actually make the gun weaker in both activities compared to having one where both perks synergize.

Vault Cleaning Rules You Should Know Before Destiny 2 Lightfall

Rule #5

Choose your favorites well.

If you’ve played Destiny 2 long enough, you’re going to get attached to certain weapons. They may have sentimental value or you see something in it that most players could not see or an insanely high kill counter. This is where you start making a case for keeping those weapons.

Take my Wishbringer, for instance. It’s pretty mid by all accounts but I love the heck out of it. For one, its sights are clean AF without all the dangly bits other shotguns rock with. And two, the perks fit my playstyle. Compare that to the other shotgun of the same frame, the IKELOS shotgun. The IKELOS is better in many regards, it can even be crafted, but it doesn’t come with Slideshot. This practically makes the case for me to keep the Wishbringer as a PvP-exclusive weapon.

Rule #6

It’s OK to have multiple copies, provided they serve a specific purpose.

While I have a general rule of having one copy of a weapon in my vault, I often keep another one handy. If you can help it, restrict yourself to having one PvP and one PvE roll. Of course, if the weapon is that good, you may keep a third one for the hell of it.

In this case, it’s going to be the Lodbrok-C for the sole reason that it has some pretty awesome perk combinations. And I do alternate between them quite frequently depending on the build I have on hand.

Rule #7

If the weapon you’re looking at doesn’t bring you joy, there’s no point in keeping it.

You can make an argument about keeping a weapon in case it may be meta one day. The truth is, those days are few and far between and it’ll probably only apply to a handful of weapons. I know it feels like I’m going full Marie Kondo on this but if you’re remotely close to 590 slots before Lightfall launches, then you need an intervention to convince you to create vault space. You don’t want the headache of going into the new year of content with a full vault slowing you down.

Vault Cleaning Rules You Should Know Before Destiny 2 Lightfall

Rule #8

If your armor is overall 65 or lower, dismantle it.

Don’t even bother making the argument about it looking good. Get the armor, scrap it, and it’ll be part of your Collection as an ornament to a far more superior piece that can actually help you in end-game content. Hoarding armor is a very bad practice.

Rule #9

Get those pieces of gear to form the base of a build.

So you’ve got your 66 and above pieces of armor. That’s cool and all. But they’re not going to be doing anything just sitting in your vault. Read up on some build guide articles, or watch a couple of Youtube videos. Anything. Just get those pieces together and actually do something with them.

Rule #10

Have an idea of what you want to do with your Exotic armor.

Unlike Exotic weapons, Exotic armor pieces do come with random rolls. This makes it harder to decide whether or not you should dismantle them. But generally, you should have an idea of how you want to use them.

Take the Hunter’s Shinobu’s Vow Exotic Gauntlets, for instance. The piece improves your Skip Grenades’ functionality. So, you’ll want to keep the piece that has the most Discipline while having that 66 overall or above. It’s tough and it absolutely relies on RNG but that’s the nature of the beast right there. If you can do that and it is deserving of a spot in your vault.

And there you have it. My set of rules for keeping a Destiny 2 vault clean. Of course, these are rules I keep for myself, they are merely suggestions for you, and you don’t have to follow them if you don’t want to. At the end of the day, we are all responsible for our vaults and I am only giving out advice.

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