We Were Here Forever Trophy Guide & How to Get Platinum

Here are a few pointers to help you out on your We Were Here Forever Platinum Trophy run

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The fourth game in the “We Were Here” series, We Were Here Forever maintains the tone and crafty puzzle co-op elements that made the series so memorable to many players. This time around, however, things take a grim turn as a heavy choice can change the outcome in the end.

In this trophy guide, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about getting the platinum trophy for We Were Here Forever. Since this is a co-op-only game, you are expected to have another player accompany you throughout the journey. One player is solving the puzzle, while the other feeds clues as to how it is solved. A headset is most definitely needed.

There are a total of 39 trophies to earn in total. And since this is strictly a multiplayer game, this also applies to your companion.

  • 1 Platinum Trophy
  • 5 Gold Trophies
  • 5 Silver Trophies
  • 28 Bronze Trophies

We Were Here Forever Trophy List


  • A Way Out of Here: Escaped from the prisons


  • Escape Royale: Escaped from the keep
  • The Seer: Obtained the lens of the Astrolabe
  • The Coordinator: Obtained the rete of the Astrolabe
  • The Foundation: Obtained the base of the Astrolabe
  • One Must Remain: Escaped from Castle Rock


  • Mind Games: Escaped from the Jesters’ realm
  • Refrain of Resistance: Discovered the secrets of the Resistance
  • The Solution: Unlocked the Bell Tower
  • Forlorn: Paid the ultimate price
  • Evermore: Escaped… but at what cost?


  • A Way Out of Here: Escaped from the prisons
  • Two Halves: Escaped from the chasm
  • Projecting: Assisted in escaping from the deep dungeons
  • Carried: Escaped from the deep dungeons
  • Blood Sport: Assisted in escaping from the trials
  • Live Entertainment: Survived the trials
  • This Takes Two: Escaped from the Jesters’ Toybox
  • Get A Head of Yourself: Assisted in solving the riddles
  • Capitulum Carnival: Solved the riddles
  • Guess Whomst?: Discovered the realms’ defiance
  • The Royal Graveyard: Entered the Royal Cemetery
  • Obsolete Obol: Unlocked the catacombs
  • Grave Sins: Assisted in unlocking the treasure vault
  • Descendants Inheritance: Unlocked the treasure vault
  • X Marks the Plot: Assisted in discovering hidden treasures
  • Cache Chase: Discovered hidden treasures
  • The Ruins of Rockbury: Entered the Ruins of Rockbury
  • Incandescent: Realigned the light beam
  • Bangle Angle: Assisted in discovering Rockbury’s secret
  • Reflections: Discovered Rockbury’s secret
  • The Sunken Mines: Entered the Sunken Mines
  • Breathtaker: Assisted in navigating the sunken mines
  • Aquatic Claustrophobic: Navigated the sunken mines
  • Connected the Dots: Refueled the Nautilus
  • Diplomatic Entity: Assisted in negotiations with the guardian
  • Monster Bargain: Negotiated with the guardian
  • Dome of Creation: Reforged the base of the Astrolabe
  • Exodus: Restored the device

There aren’t any missable trophies in We Were Here Forever. But you will have to do this game twice with a friend in order to unlock all the trophies – either as the player that solves the puzzle or the one who decodes the clues.

Player A Trophies: From this point, we'll refer to the player who completes puzzles as Player A. The following are the trophies associated with them and what you need to do to unlock them.

Carried: Be the first one to escape the Catacombs in Chapter 1.

Live Entertainment: For this trophy, you’ll need to be one going through The Trial Rooms in Chapter 1. Note that you need to be one to exit the Catacombs first.

Capitulum Carnival: This one requires you to be the one placing the puppet heads at the beginning of Chapter 2.

Descendants Inheritance: Make sure you are the one who unlocks the treasure vault below after finding all keys in Chapter 5.

The Seer: Be the one to pick up the Astrolabe lens that’s been offered at the end of Chapter 5.

Reflections: Be the one placing the mirrors and lenses during the last puzzle of Chapter 3.

The Coordinator: Be the one who picks up the Astrolabe piece that’s being offered at the end of Chapter 4.

Aquatic Claustrophobic: To unlock this trophy, you must be one going underwater at the beginning of Chapter 4.

Monster Bargain: In chapter 4, be the one to go and talk with the Guardian.

The Foundation: Be the one to pick up the astrolabe piece after forging the item in Chapter 4.

Player B Trophies: From this point onward, we'll refer to the one who reads and works out the clues for Player A as Player B. The list below is the trophies associated with that. We'll also tell you how you can obtain them.

Projecting: During Chapter 1’s Dial Rooms puzzle, you must be the one in control of the projector. To be this player, you must be the last to exit the Catacombs.

Blood Sport: During Chapter 1’s Trial Rooms, you must be the one to guide Player A from above.

Get A Head of Yourself: You must be the one providing puppet heads to Player A during Chapter 2’s Heads Puzzle.

X Marks the Plot: Be the one trapped in the catacombs, and at a certain point, the one indicating to Player A where to dig in Chapter 5.

Grave Sins: Be the player on the surface that hands over keys to Player A down below in Chapter 5.

Cashe Case: Use the map to tell Player A where to dig “X” in Chapter 5.

Bangle Angle: At the end of Chapter 3, be the one rotating the lenses and mirrors.

Breathtaker: Be the one that stays on the surface during the Chapter 4 Underwater Tunnels puzzles, and clear out the oxygen pipes for Player A.

Diplomatic Entity: During Chapter 4, be the one helping Player A figure out what to say to the Octopus.

The final trio of trophies to talk about are the end-game ones. Specifically, One Must Remain, Evermore, and Forlorn. From what we can tell, it doesn’t matter if you’ve been playing as either Player A or Player B the entire time. All that matters is that one player leaves and the other stays. Both players still get receive the One Must Remain Gold trophy upon completing the game.

The rest of the trophies for We Were Here Forever are earned by progressing in the game. They will unlock either by reaching a checkpoint or finishing a puzzle. Otherwise, that’s it for this trophy guide and trophy list for We Were Here Forever on PlayStation. Happy hunting, trophy hunters.

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