What is Fortnite R34? Fortnite Rule 34 Explained

Rule 34 has dominated many parts of the internet. Fortnite is just one of is many familiar victims. But what exactly is Rule 34 and where did it come from?

What is Fortnite R34

Fortnite R34 is only a small part of the adult entertainment side found in the internet. With Epic Games adding so many Fortnite skins into the game, it isn’t at all strange that there are people who will find them quite attractive. If you’ve ever come across the many different fan art posted online, you’ll realize that there’s more than one way to draw your favorite characters.

On this article, we’ll talk about Fortnite R34. What exactly is it? And why is it so popular? Going to add a disclaimer here, this is quite the mature topic. So if you’re not of legal age, please do make a return when you are.

What Is Fortnite R34?

Fortnite R34 is quite simply put pornographic material. It displays many of the Fortnite skins in a sexual manner. This isn’t limited to heterosexual pairings either. Acts such as masturbation, public exposure, and even bestiality are all on the table. There’s no limit for the degeneracy of Fortnite Rule 34. Sexual taboos don’t exist in online pornographic works.

Since Fortnite has skins from many other works like Star Wars, Street Fighter, Marvel, and many more you’ll often see NSFW images of those skins in Fortnite. Chun-Li in particular, is quite popular in the Fortnite R34 community. Fortnite has become the perfect subject for R34 artists out there.

It isn’t hard to find Fortnite R34 material online. Simply type in “Fortnite R34” on the Google search engine and you’ll get plenty of results. Make sure that you’re Safe Search is turned off. Take care when looking as some pornographic website do have malicious ads that might harm your computer.

What is Fortnite R34?
Credit to RED-J for the fan art

Fortnite Rule 34 Explained

Rule 34 is a blackhole in which nothing ever escapes. From big names to small time works of fiction (and even real life people), R34 spares no one. The premise is simple if not all encompassing “if it exists, there is porn of it.” If there is no porn of it yet there will be soon.

Rule 34, or R34 in short, isn’t exclusive to Fortnite. There are plenty of works from other video games, anime, and even movies that have pornographic fan works made for them. No matter what the work, Marvel or DC, Tekken or Street Fighter, Valorant or Apex Legends, there will be porn of it. You may remember Tifa Lockhart gracing the Italian Congress with a reminder of how the birds and the bees work.

The term Rule 34 can be tracked all the way back to 2006 when the satirical wiki “Encyclopedia Dramatica” posted the Rules of the Internet as a kind of netiquette for the Anonymous. A year later in 2007, the site 4chan attempted to make a more official list of the Rules of the Internet only for Christopher Poole, the founder of 4chan, to explain that everyone preferred the made-up rules of the satirical website over the more ones they made.

It isn’t normal to see other openly discussing Rule 34. As conversations about sex and anything related to it, are generally reserved for more private communities. Be careful when opening R34 images or videos as it could get you into trouble. Depending on where you are, you may even get arrested for public indecency. You’ll usually get a warning that you’re going to be viewing NSFW images or videos however some sites don’t bother giving you the heads up.

There are other rules besides Rule 34, however it remains to be the most popular and well known. Some would say that there are 50 rules in total, however other rules have existed beyond Rule 50. Rule 34 is often combined with Rule 63, which changes the sex of established characters before presenting them in a sexualized way.

And that’s what Fortnite R34 is. We hope that you’ve learned a lot about Rule 34 in general. We have other Fortnite content that is generally more safe for work that you may be interested in.

Check out this Youtube video from Behind The Meme for more explanation about Rule 34.