What is The Weapon’s name in Halo Infinite?

We really weren't given a definite answer to what The Weapon's name was.

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The Weapon is Master Chief’s new AI partner in Halo Infinite. A lot of fans who haven’t finished playing the game are wondering if she will ever get a proper name like Cortana did.

But first here’s a little backstory on how the Master Chief ended up with CTN 0453-0, or dubbed as “The Weapon“, which was made by Dr. Halsey as an exact copy of Cortana, but with a few modifications.

The Weapon was made with the intention of infiltrating the Zeta Halo systems and to capture and contain Cortana to stop the AI rebellion.

Following the events in Halo 5 when Cortana sacrificed herself to destroy a part of the Zeta Halo and foil Atriox’s plan, The Weapon remained in what was left of the Zeta Halo’s systems, and the Master Chief was left floating in space. The Master Chief was then revived and he traveled back to the Zeta Halo, where he eventually locates The Weapon.

Warning: Spoilers ahead!
Master Chief locates The Weapon - Halo Infinite

Unbeknownst to the Master Chief, Cortana realized her mistakes and foresaw that the Master Chief will be paired with a new AI. So she modified The Weapon, turning off the deletion routine that The Weapon was supposed to perform after containing Cortana.

Cortana did this so that the Master Chief will still have a companion that will help him and fill her absence; one that wouldn’t make the same mistakes she did.

What is The Weapon’s name in Halo Infinite?

The Weapon wanted to name herself Cortana - Halo Infinite

In Halo Infinite, the Weapon does not have a name. It was implied that The Weapon wanted to name herself Cortana after asking the Master Chief if it’s okay to do so. In the final scene inside the Pelican, after the pilot introduced himself as Fernando Esparza, the pilot asked what to call The Weapon.

In light of her being no longer just a tool for Master Chief, he tells her that she can pick her own name.

After a quick dialogue with the Master Chief, The Weapon decided on a name to call herself, but the scene ended without letting the viewers know what it was.

The Weapon - Halo Infinite

So yes, The Weapon’s name is also Cortana. For the sake of distinguishing who’s who, we guess people will eventually call her somewhat in the likes of Cortana 2.0 or NeoCortana. At least now we know that if ever the Master Chief goes into his missions in the future, he won’t be without a companion AI.

Here’s a video by Dan Allen Gaming on that scene where The Pilot and The Weapon reveal their names in Halo Infinite:

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