How to Unlock Requiem Revengeance Stance in Halo Infinite

Learn about getting the Requiem Revengeance and Act of Genesis stances.

Requiem Revengeance Halo Infinite How to Unlock Requiem Revengeance
Requiem Revengeance

In our Halo Infinite How to Unlock Requiem Revengeance guide, we’ll tell you everything you want to know about these legendary stance. Check below for the details!

Players are always looking to unlock new cosmetic equipment from playing the Halo Infinite campaign. One stance in particular have left many perplexed as the unlock requirements aren’t very specific. The Requiem Revengeance is a legendary stance that can only be unlocked by playing the main campaign.

Here is how you unlock the Requiem Revengeance legendary stance.

How to unlock Requiem Revengeance stance in Halo Infinite

There is still no way to unlock the Requiem Revengeance legendary stance as of the moment. The Requiem Revengeance have odd requirements in order to unlock. While their specification simply says “Available in Halo Infinite’s Campaign” you can’t actually unlock it by doing that. I’ve already finished the campaign and have even found all the Skull Locations, Forerunner Artifacts, and Spartan Core upgrades. Still, no Requiem Revengeance for me.

You can usually find new cosmetic items from the Halo Infinite campaign via opening Mjolnir Armory Lockers. But so far, not this one. And what’s even more confusing is 343 not really expounding much about this. This left many players confused as to how to unlock this one legendary stance.

Requiem Revengeance Halo Infinite How to Unlock Requiem Revengeance
Requiem Revengeance

Even by finding all the Mjolnir Armory Lockers, you still won’t be able to unlock the Requiem Revengeance. If you want to go through the extra mile, you can even finish the game on Legendary and still have this legendary stance locked.

You can even look at the stance detail itself and you’ll notice it says Season 1. Though even in Season 1, the stances themselves can’t be earned.

It may be possible that there is a secret method no one knows about to get the stance. Perhaps finding an Easter egg? Though whatever Easter egg it is, it wasn’t the Arbiter plush doll. It doesn’t seem to unlock via getting all the achievements either.

For now, it may seem like 343 made an honest mistake adding these two legendary stances into the multiplayer segment. They may have meant for these to be earned in a different season or an event sometime in the future.

We’ll update this article as we learn more.

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