What To Expect on Telltale’s The Walking Dead: A New Frontier

If you’re reading this article, then that only means one thing: you’re here to know what Telltale has in store for us on The Walking Dead’s 3rd season. We’ll get to know more about Clementine’s story, and, appreciate the fact that our beloved baby girl from season 1 is now a strong and independent grown-up (Lee would’ve been real proud of her). Trailers and teasers are already out, and we can already see new characters joining in that we can either love, hate, or just feel neutral about them.

Personally, I’m really hyped for this game, and I’m really looking forward as to how Telltale’s going to end each and every episode of this 3rd season (I know it’s a little bit too early for me to talk about endings, but come on, that’s what we really look for on a Telltale game, right? Right?). Will Clementine continue on as an independent main character? Is she going to be the main character? Will you be playing another character besides Clem? Will characters from the previous seasons appear on this season? Is the game still using the same engine? A lot of questions have been asked by a lot of people already, building up the hype further and further. Undeniably, there’s only one way to figure out and answer these questions: by playing the game (duh).

From the trailers, it can be seen that the graphics of the game has surely been upgraded. Skin complexity has been smoothed out, and the the tone of the colors used in-game has become darkly vivid. Voice actors are superb on the role they’re playing, and each of the characters’ motor skills (as far as the trailer goes) has been smoothed out. These traits the game has only means one thing: Telltale has upgraded their game engine, and that is surely a huge thing to look out for.

I’m really looking forward on how the decisions you made on the past seasons will affect this part of the game’s story, and I bet a lot of you guys are, too. I remember the time when I played season 2 when I saw Kenny. I couldn’t help but feel so happy seeing a character you got attached to. This is going to be the game’s key element. It lets you love or hate a character, and gives you options on what to do with them. Telltale’s formula on how things will go may have gone a little bit south during their Game of Thrones installment (a lot of fans hated the fact that the ending was just a season-ender), but I can’t deny that their story-telling gets too good… well, at times.

There are also times when the story gets a little bit boring, but hey, it’s still a part of the game. The environment in-game is also starting to get consumed by nature, telling us that a lot of time has already passed by. Clementine now also has a motherly sense of duty towards AJ, which would surely play a big part on how she does things this time. Also, we may already have experienced the tyrannical leadership of Carver and his men when, but a new threat looms this time around, and they call themselves “The New Frontier”, which sounds really cool and gives off the feeling that they are a really big group.

Expect the game to use the same movement commands (depending on which platform you’re playing on) because, well, this is Telltale. They’re not making you play a game with intense gameplay, but instead lets you play a game with an intense storyline, which really gets you hooked, for real. I know a lot of you may have already known, but the trailer started off with a flashback on one of the character’s memory, and not what is currently happening, as you can see Clem join in afterwards. Ultimately, “The Walking Dead – A New Frontier” is a game you should look forward to, considering the countless praise its predecessors received. The game will be out on the 21st of December, so hang tight and celebrate Christmas on a more gritty setting with Clementine.