Whatcha Playin'? Wednesdays

Hello and welcome to Whatcha Playin’? Wednesdays, where we share with our dear audience, you guys, our “play” list for the week. This week is kind of like a lull week for us but a calm before the storm, maybe? And oh, the rains are coming, stay dry, people.

Here’s Keith’s week:

“It’s been a long while since I last played Blazblue, so I was to play a fighting game other than Skullgirls. To be fair, I honestly think my skills in fighting games are still horribly sub-par but it’s nothing a little practice can’t fix. If there’s one thing I do enjoy about the game, it’s how distinctly each character played and how well designed they are. I remembered a friend telling me about the game. “Pick your fetish and main that character” makes me reevaluate my choice of main.”

Here’s my week as well:

“Well, I got hooked one playing Chroma Squad and I’m trying to finish the missions to get to the Rider part of the game. I’m still working on my review for Weaponographist. It’s gonna be out probably tomorrow at best. My next agenda would be to try and make some more playthroughs of Tiny Guardians for my next review.”

How about you? How was your gaming week? Share yours on the comments section below and we might be able to feature it on the next Whatcha Playin’? Wednesdays!