Whatcha Playin’? Wednesdays!

Whatcha Playin' Wednesdays

Hello and welcome to Whatcha Playin’? Wednesdays, where we share with our dear audience, you guys, our “play” list for the week. I know, sharing it in the middle of the week is weird but we’ll get used to it. We just needed something that would jive with “Wednesday”. Oh yeah, and April Fools to all of you! This ain’t a prank, though.

Basically, we are just going to share with you guys the games that we are currently playing and are planning to play within the week and our comments about them. You’ll get to know more about us through the games that we play and hopefully, we would also get to know what games you guys play when you share your “play”list in the comments section below.

Ok, let’s get started with James. Here’s what James has to say about his week:

I’ve been playing Infinite Crisis for a week or so. I think its pretty fun and it keeps me excited enough to keep on coming back to play a few more rounds. I’ll be writing a review on it after testing all of its current content, like the costumes and whatnot. I’ve played a few fighting games from time to time but it’s kinda frustrating how my arcade stick doesn’t work well on USF4; it’s kinda the reason why I’m not playing as much. Welp. Thats my week.

Next up, Keith’s week:

“My whole weekend was spent playing Kantai Collection (KanColle). A new remodel was just released for one of my ships so I spent all these past few days just trying to grind her experience points. Sometimes, I take a break from the fatigue by playing some Oversoul or Adventure Quest Worlds and watching some Garo. As of writing this, my chosen ship girl is seven levels away from her final remodel. Soon enough. I can taste it soon enough.”

Welp, here’s mine. Pardon the interviewee format. I like to keep things uniform:

This week, I’ve played Trapped Dead: Lockdown for what seemed like an eternity. I got to play Dyscourse for a while and I am about to write a review about it. Afterwards, I might be playing Please, Don’t Touch Anything once I’m done with the review. I have also been busy playing Tap Titans and was able to get Flavius and Oinksbjorn, finally, and currently grinding for the next hero. Maybe I’ll also try to go to the arcade one of these days and go back to playing Great Animal Kaiser if the machine is still there and hopefully they got updated. (In our country, we’re actually lagging around three or four versions behind Japan’s Animal Kaiser; that is saying something.)

Let’s see how Lex’s gaming week went:

“The previous week I was able to finish Woolfe: The Red Hood Diaries, which I may say was a decent game. A few days ago, I was thinking of getting back to good ol’ classic Star Wars games and decided to download Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy. The game was included in the Humble Bundle Star Wars. Then swiftly, I also downloaded Star Wars Empire At War. I’m actually not sure what to finish but I’m guessing the Force is actually strong in Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy…”

So, how was your gaming week? Care to share? We might take a look at one of the games you are playing right now and maybe make a review out of it soon.