Why I Wouldn’t Buy An Xbox One

So the Xbox One X just came out recently, and I’m still not the least bit interested in getting an Xbox. I already own a PS4 Pro and a gaming computer so I find that owning another console is just like bringing some extra, useless baggage. I’m much more interested in getting a Nintendo Switch than an Xbox One for very obvious reasons.

True the Xbox might have some great racing games and maybe first-person shooters but there is so much more the PS4 can offer me that Xbox can’t. For the 1st reason and probably the biggest and most obvious of them all is the lack of exclusives in the Xbox and the mountain level of a difference in the PS4. There’s really no contest here especially with most of this years game of the year candidates being PS4 exclusives. The only exclusive the Xbox has me interested in is Sea of Thieves. It may also have PUBG but it’s pretty clear it’s only a “time exclusive” game for the console.

The 2nd reason is related to the 1st reason and it is about the Xbox Play Anywhere Program. In order for me to get the Xbox exclusives I could just buy the games through the Windows Store and I can already play them on my computer. It’s also better if the game is FPS since I can use the mouse and keyboard and if I ever need a controller, I can always use my PS4’s controller to play them.

The 3rd reason where Xbox failed to impress me is their take on Augmented Reality. When they showed it at E3 2015 where they showcased playing Minecraft using Hololens. They actually got my attention with that but 2 E3s later and still no new about it which makes it look like the project is frozen at the moment.

The 4th reason would be you can’t play games on the Xbox without having to go through updates. Some game like with Halo 5 (with the physical disc by the way) had the update being around 50GB! What kind of game has that kind of update? Maybe for FFXV with the season pass but for Halo 5, it is not worth it.

The 5th reason would have to be that most of the games require multiplayer, so you almost always need to stay online. This is just bad for those countries whose ISPs are pretty much screwing everyone everyday or for those places where they just don’t have any available internet connection. It also doesn’t help that the Xbox would need an update every now and then or else the Xbox won’t let you play anything at all.

The 6th reason is that Microsoft pretty much left a big impression on me early this year, a bad kind. They cancelled Scalebound which aside from Sea of Thieves, is the only other interesting game that is exclusive to Microsoft. The Xbox does have some awesome 4K HDR and more going for it but having backwards compatibility is always going to be a plus in my book. But I don’t need to have the backwards compatibility ’cause I can always just plug in my PS2, PS1, and I even have my PS3 ready at all times.

The 7th reason is similar to the 1st reason and that is that the Xbox does not have much in terms of games from Japan especially JRPGs which is my favorite genre of all. It’s understandable since it is a console for the west.

The 8th and final reason isn’t really much but I feel that it is still worth mentioning. It is the fact that Microsoft doesn’t really market the console in certain regions. Let’s face it, marketing for the Xbox has been bad in recent years and even more so this year. No wonder they’re too scared to show their number of consoles shipped this generation since they aren’t even trying to sell them to a few people that might actually be interested in them out in the big world.

The Xbox One isn’t so bad as a game console but there’s just so many ongoing problems going for it that it can make you think thrice or more about buying one anytime soon. 4K gaming may be tempting but graphics will never be enough to justify a good gaming experience unless it’s VR then it can be a big factor. The Xbox One just doesn’t cut it for me so until they somehow wow me with their 9th generation console then I wouldn’t even bother my precious brain cells till then.