How To Get Corestone in Wild Hearts

Wild Hearts Corestone farming guide

One of the most valuable materials to get has got to be the Corestone in Wild Hearts. This ore is an essential requirement for upgrading and crafting many of the weapons and equipment in the game. And you’re going to need to know how to get Corestone to get be able to hunt Kemono better in Wild Hearts. So we’ve made this guide that explains just where to get Corestone in Wild Hearts.

Where to get Corestone in Wild Hearts?

There are many places to find Corestone in Wild Hearts, but they can mostly be found by exploring the world and picking them up from ores you find stuck to surfaces. Corestone can also be acquired as rewards from hunting certain Kemonos.

Each of the four open world levels in Wild Hearts offers more than a few Corestone to get just by exploring different areas. You’ll be able to spot Corestone by taking note of the red ores that are sticking from the ground like stalagmites. Of course you can always go on targeted hunts that offer Corestone as one of the rewards.

The process isn’t entirely different from finding Lightstones in Wild Hearts. However Corestone is generally easier to find due to an abundant of ways they can be farmed.

Corestone in Wild Hearts

However if you want a more sustainable income of Corestone in Wild Hearts, there is a way to reliably farm the material.

How to Farm Corestone in Wild Hearts?

The best way to farm Corestone is by building Tsukumo Ore Shrine Dragon Karakuri building which automatically mines materials for you including the Corestone ore in Wild Hearts. You’ll first have to purchase this skill from the Karakuri skill tree before you can make one.

Build as many Tsukumo Ore Shrine Dragon Karakuri buildings as you can in one of the four open world levels to maximize your material and ore gains passively. This way you can focus on doing other things rather than actively looking for Corestone in Wild Hearts. These buildings will also get you other, possibly rare, materials which is an added boon.

That’s how to get Corestone in Wild Hearts. Now that you know how to effectively farm it, you can get the necessary materials for crafting weapons and armor.

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