Where to Find Mirror Stone in Wild Hearts

The best location & ways to farm Mirror Stones in Wild Hearts

Where to Find Mirror Stone in Wild Hearts

The Mirror Stone is one of the most essential crafting materials required to enhance your character’s early-game weapon in Wild Hearts. Nonetheless, for some people, as you get deeper in the game, it can be challenging to remember where to collect this material, just like Lightstone, but don’t fret. Read ahead as we discuss the best places to find Mirror Stone in Wild Hearts.

How to Get Mirror Stone in Wild Hearts

Mirror Stone in Wild Hearts can only be obtained once you reach chapter 2 “Ancient Technology” in the main story and travel to Akikure Canyon.

Keep in mind that the chapter you are in will affect the materials you can or will obtain. Although you may find the same color and shape for the stone in Akikure Canyon during Chapter 3 or beyond, it will have a different name once you collect it, so make sure you farm in Chapter 2 to get Mirror Stones.

How to Get Mirror Stone in Wild Hearts 2
Mirror stones appear as yellowish crystal nodes. More specifically, it has a yellow crystal core surrounded by a darker rock.

Wild Hearts Mirror Stone Locations

Mirror Stones are usually found in Akikure Canyon’s underground tunnels. To get there, refer to the images, along with a simple walkthrough below:

From the initial campsite in Akikure Canyon, head straight and follow the main road and the stairways until you reach the second Dragon Pit. From there, if you continue to the right, you’ll reach a trail that winds its way down the side of the mountain. If you keep going in this direction, you’ll eventually reach the underground tunnels.

Additionally, you can always build a Tsukumo Ore Shrine to mine minerals for you. All you need to do is place it in areas where Mirror Stone is found and the machine will do the rest. You can pick it up as early as Chapter 2 after getting the fish harvester or the upgrade that unlocks more healing water drinks.

That’s where you can find Mirror Stones in Wild Hearts. If you like this guide, be sure to check out our other Wild Hearts articles here.

Also watch this video by JBGamingExp showing how to get the Mirror Stone in Wild Hearts:

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