Where to Get Silken Thread in Wild Hearts

Where To Find Silken Threads in Wild Hearts

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Silken Threads are essential materials in Wild Hearts for crafting armor and weapons, particularly cladding, to survive the waves of kemonos that players will face soon. Read on, and we’ll break down the most efficient methods for acquiring silken threads.

What are Silken Threads in Wild Hearts?

Silken Threads are materials obtained from cocoons found in Akikure Canyon and transformed into silk, which is particularly useful for armor production. 

Where to Find Silken Threads in Wild Hearts?

Where to Find Silken Threads in Wild Hearts?

To find this Silken Threads, players will need to unlock the Akikure Canyon as this is the only location where it usually spawns and no other place. Unlocking the canyon will require players to clear Chapter 1 of the main story and defeat the following Kemonos:

  • Kingtusk
  • Spineglider
  • Lavaback
  • Gritdog
  • Earthshaker

After clearing all the conditions, players will able to travel to Akikure Canyon. Within that area, there are various spider webs growing on the ground and not hard to spot. Interact with that material and players can collect the threads.

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