Will Exoprimal Have a PvE Mode?

Will Exoprimal Have a PvE Mode

Capcom’s new team-based action game, Exoprimal, has everyone buzzing thanks to its futuristic Exosuits, and what better way to try out these suits than in the game’s planned PvE mode? Read on, and this guide will fill you in on whether Exoprimal will have a PVE mode and what benefits it would offer players if it does.

Will Exoprimal Have a PvE Mode?

Yes, Exoprimal will have a PvE mode called the Savage Gauntlet. In fact, PvE is the main focus of the game’s content, which features cooperative play against hordes of dinosaurs.

In Exoprimal PvE, you’re placed with a team that has each player choosing what class and Exosuit belonging to that class to play as. You’ll be fighting against hordes of dinosaurs that are invading the timeline by playing to your classes’ strengths. This will take place all while competing with another team of players to accomplish the objective first.

There is PvP in Exoprimal, but players can opt out of it in Dino Survival by choosing to matchmake with only PvE options. Instead of fighting against other teams, you’re placed in a race against time to complete an objective faster than the other team can, which determines the winner.

Thanks to the inclusion of Exoprimal on Game Pass, you can expect that there are plenty of players to matchmake with on PvE content. You’ll have to coordinate with your team on what class and Exosuit are best to form the best formation and clear the objective faster than your opponents.