Will there be another Diablo 4 beta?

Can you still play Diablo 4 beta?

With the Early Access and Open beta just finishing, players are already asking if another Diablo 4 beta is coming sometime in the future. Let’s talk about Blizzard potentially giving us another chance to play the upcoming Diablo 4 before its release date.

Will there be another Open Beta for Diablo 4?

There isn’t going to be another Diablo 4 beta any time soon as Blizzard hasn’t made announcements. The last time the beta was available was on March 27, 2023 before the servers closed.

Since Diablo 4 is required to always be online, it’s impossible to keep playing the beta once Blizzard shuts down the servers. We detailed in our beta guide that the characters you’ve made during the Early Access and Open beta will be deleted after March 27. You’ll have to start from scratch once you play the full game.

Diablo 4 is releasing this June 6, 2023 which is still some time away. We could see Blizzard announcing another Diablo 4 beta just before its release but we’ll have to wait.

another Diablo 4 beta

We were able to get a pretty good idea of each of the five classes that were announced for Diablo 4. The beta was only limited to the Prologue and the entire act of the first chapter. But it was enough to let us experiment with how the game’s combat worked and how threatening the new Diablo 4 main villain could be.

Sad to say that the Diablo 4 classes weren’t created equally with some clearly needing some work. If Blizzard does drop another Diablo 4 beta, we hope they manage to balance out the incredibly lackluster Druid class. It paled in comparison to the almost overpowered Necromancer class which was basically a one-man party roaming the open world with their skeletons.

We hope this answers if another Diablo 4 beta is coming.