Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Subscribers Can Now Try Out Android xCloud

Xbox Game Pass

Game company Microsoft just announced some good news for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers.

The subscribers are lucky enough to try to stream games on their Android phones right now via the xCloud feature. This is way ahead than what the company previously announced. This will be a limited beta test that will allow them to make adjustments and make it a smoother transition for service that will fully release on Sept. 15.

The test will not actually limit the number of players trying out this beta test. The limit is actually the number of games to try out, which are only around 30. Microsoft promised that there will be more than 100 games to play when xCloud officially joins the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate lineup.

Android phones are the only ones that can be used since Apple has decided to block the app on iPhones. They have decided not to allow any game-streaming apps on its own store.

Source: The Verge

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