Japanese Indie Games Yokaze Night Stream Highlights

A new series of indie games announced

Yokaze is an indie game label whose titles are chosen for their mesmerizing atmospheres. Visuals, music, dialogue, gameplay are that elements come together, creating a unique world for the player to dive into.

“ヨカゼ:Yokaze”, in Japanese, refers to the pleasant breeze that only blows at night.

“We hope that you will enjoy the emotions that each of our games is crafted to bring you, and that you will get lost in their worlds—until the night breeze starts blowing.”

In the recent stream revealed in their YouTube Channel, numerous game projects were announced and a lot of these game have piqued the interest of fans worldwide.

Watch the full stream here

Unreal Life


A girl who can see the memories of things meets a talking traffic light.
They start their journey together through a strange city to find her lost memories. The protagonist can see the memories of the things she touches. She can then compare these memories with the present to find hints and solve puzzles.

Platforms: PC, Nintendo Switch, IOS and Android


“Ghostpia” is a visual novel with cute visuals that look like a picture book, adorned with glitches and noise, and characterized by nostalgic expressions.
the game was inspired by the well-known expression “graphic novel” in the West and the work belongs to the genre called visual novel, but as a more graphical visual novel, we call it “Denshi graphic Novel.”


‘Isolated from the world by snow, a town lies barren near the farthest station.
A town exists where ghosts flood the streets at night.
But we aren’t really ghosts.
We are immortal. Unable to die, with our unending lives, we took to referring to ourselves like that.
They say this is an ideal town. A true utopia for ghosts.
“But is it really? Can you really call this place a utopia?”
This is Sayako, and her plight.
For you see, Sayako is the only one in town who doesn’t truly belong.
All the while she is sharing a room with the mysterious new girl in town, Yoru.
More than anything in the world, Sayako longs to return home to her hometown.
To set off beyond the unfathomable vast desert of snow, beyond where nobody has ever gone.
To the home she could only dream was out there.
To be able to remember what she has forgotten, the thing she holds the most dear.
That is her dream.
“In a hopeless town such as this, a useless girl like me can’t help but dream.”

Platforms: IOS, PC and Switch



Mr. Postman sails his small boat through watery Aquaria, delivering letters day in and day out. One day, he awakes to find something strange and unbelievable following him, just as a dark rumor begins to spread through Aquaria. As the letters he delivers bring writer and reader together, the truth begins to come into focus.

Platforms: Nintendo Switch, PC, Android and IOS

Machina of The End


Set well after the collapse of society, this is the story of a sword, a bird and their dream. Machina of the End is a boomerang and warped based action game. In this game, the world is infested with mechanical strange creatures after the collapse of society. A girl with no memory of her past named Machina wakes up from a deep slumber. Armed with her sword, she can warp to any area as she throws it. Wielding it, she travels around the world with her childhood friend, Kamiki to collect the memories she has lost.

Platforms: Nintedo Switch, PC and TBD 2022

Fox &The Frog Travelers The Demon of Adashino Island


Fox &The Frog Travelers The Demon of Adashino Island is a 3D action adventure game mixed with some Japanese culture elements. As the Fox, players will use her to travel around the mysterious island of Adashino with your fellow companion, Frog. Upon traveling, players will encounter dark and mysterious series of events that are inspired by Japanese culture.

Platforms: TBD 2022



OU, a young boy, wakes up near the river bed with no memories of his past. He then meets a possum named Zarry who will guide in his journey to discover and find out his role in the world of U-chronia. As OU, players will experience and live through this game shaped experience without knowing what it really is. The game is adorned by a pen drawn world reminiscent of illustrations from a children’s book with the background music played in an acoustic guitar with nostalgia of one’s old hometown.

Platorms: PC and Nintendo Switch 2022



RECOLIT is a side scrolling puzzle adventure game in which sparse lights lead players through a dark town. When the boy in the spacesuit walked out of his ship after an emergency landing, he finds himself stranded in a town like many others but yet somehow feels off. Barely seeing anything in night, the people in town seemed normal. Using one’s skills to see through the light to help the townsfolk and their feelings to progress through the story.