Zombie Kill Of The Week – Reborn Out Now

Merge Games Ltd is proud to announce the release of Finnish developer, Still Running’s, Zombie Kill of the Week – Reborn, a challenging, fast paced, 2D survival shooter! And when we say fast. We mean breakneck, flat-out, adrenaline fuelled fast!

What’s makes Still Running’s Zombie Kill of the Week – Reborn different from other shooters is your goal isn’t to run through levels and finish the game, but to survive for as long as possible under increasingly frantic conditions. Seems simple enough, but where Zombie Kill of the Week – Reborn really takes off is in the added layers of depth and huge variety of features and customisation available.

Players earn money for slaughtering zombies which is useful, as you can spend big on an arsenal of over twenty-five different weapons (including chainsaw, katana, mini-gun, RPG, D.O.M. and many others!). Players also need cash to open doors and activate jumps in order to reach new areas of the map. Heck there’s even an elusive magic fridge that drops special loot. In short, the longer you survive, the more weapons and prizes you get.

Surviving longer also gains ZKW Points which can be traded in to totally customize player’s characters and weapons, buy different perks, open new maps, and a lot lot more! Survival is all about the margins, and every little extra helps!

The PC version of Zombie Kill of the Week – Reborn (available now on Steam) also features an exclusive level editor that allows member of the ZKW Reborn community to create their own maps and then share them for everyone to enjoy. Endless permutations and maps means endless challenges.

With a compelling single player survival mode, as well as cooperative multiplayer for up-to four players, this is one zombie firefight you are not going to want to miss!

Game Features

  • Kill zombies with a very wide arsenal of weapons, including: Chainsaw, RPG, D.O.M., katana and many others!
  • Over 20 Steam Achievements
  • 4 stunning maps
  • Exclusive Level Editor for PC. Create your own custom maps, then upload and share them with friends.
  • Cooperative multiplayer for up-to 4 players
  • Full controller support
  • Online highscores
  • Weapon and Player customization
  • Skills, trophies, perks, blood and gore!
  • Original sound tracks composed by Roland La Goy
  • Coss-platform play with Android & Mobile, allowing you to carry on playing on the go!

Zombie Kill of the Week – Reborn is available now for PC on Steam for P308