A new game from God of War 3 Art Director — The Fidelio Incident — is out on Steam

The mission of new developer Act 3 Games is to create high-quality, provocative story-driven games based upon real events in our history. Act 3 Games is proud to announce and release their first game The Fidelio Incident, a first-person narrative thriller, available now on Steam.

“For The Fidelio Incident, inspirations include Dear Esther, Gone Home, and Firewatch as well as character dramas like Homeland, Lost, and The Americans. The game was also inspired by Beethoven’s only opera, Fidelio,” said Ken Feldman. “We used the opera’s premise as inspiration for the backstory, and then re-imagined it for a modern setting.”

Act 3 Games is a new indie studi based in Los Angeles, California. The studio was founded by the God of War 3 Art Director, Ken Feldman, in 2014. The Fidelio Incident was created and advised by many ex-members of the God of War franchise.

Check the Steam store of The Fidelio Incident here.