Phasmophobia Holiday 2023 Event: Camp Woodwind Dancing Snowmen Locations

There are 34 dancing snowmen in the Camp Woodwind map during this 2023 Phasmophobia Christmas holiday event. Here's a handy guide to finding all of them.

Phasmophobia Holiday Event 2023 Camp Woodwind Dancing Snowmen Locations

You need to find and destroy all all the dancing snowmen in Camp Woodwind in order to complete the Phasmophobia Holiday 2023 Event. That’s harder to do than it sounds because there are 34 dancing snowman cleverly hidden around the map which takes place almost entirely outdoors.

To complete the 2023 holiday event, you need to destroy all of the dancing snowmen with the snowball gun. In order to do this, you’ll first need to collect all three mysterious items which you can find with our guide here. If you already found all of the mysterious items, then you can follow along this guide to locate all of the 34 Dancing Snowmen in Camp Woodwind.

Once you’ve loaded into the map, grab the snowball gun inside the van next to the monitor. We’ve divided the maps into areas to make it simpler for you to find the Dancing Snowmen locations in Camp Woodwind, which you can find below:

Tip: You can make it safer for yourself by starting the level with Custom difficulty and enabling Friendly Ghost. This will prevent the ghost from starting hunts. You can still complete the event regardless of difficulty.

Front Gate (4 Dancing Snowmen)

As you exit the van, you’ll be inside the safe area where the ghost can’t chase you from that’s just outside of the gates. You’ll find four dancing snowmen in these locations:

  • On top of the fence post on right side of the gate.
  • Beneath the tree past the yellow barricade to your right.
  • On top of the backside of the van you came in from.
  • Behind the tree on the ground left side of the gate.

Campfire (5 Dancing Snowmen)

Campfire (5 Dancing Snowmen)

The campfire area is just right past the entrance. You can find five dancing snowmen in this location:

  • On top of the campfire itself in the center.
  • On the log in the back near the white tent.
  • On the log to the left near the plate full of marshmallows.
  • On the cornhole board next to the tree with the lights.
  • On the grill next to the light switch near the drink cooling containers.

Bathroom Building (3 Dancing Snowmen)

Just past the campfire area is where you’ll find a bathroom building. There are three dancing snowmen in this location:

  • On the roof of the building directly on top of the entrance.
  • On the floor in the shower stall.
  • On the floor in the other shower stall.

White Tents (5 Dancing Snowmen)

To the right side of the campfire is where you’ll find two white tents which have five dancing snowmen in this location:

  • On the fence post behind the first white tent to the right past some barrels.
  • On the roof of the first white tent on the right.
  • On the white table of the first white tent behind the ring toss game.
  • On the metal rafters of the second white tent to the left hanging by its ceiling.
  • On the white table of the second white tent to the left behind the beer.

Picnic Tables (3 Dancing Snowmen)

Picnic Tables (3 Dancing Snowmen)

On the left side of the entrance are the picnic tables which have three dancing snowmen in the location:

  • On the portable stove of the first picnic table.
  • On the seat behind the second picnic table.
  • On the fence post to the left of the second picnic table.

Tents (7 Dancing Snowmen)

There are multiple tents in Camp Woodwind. You’ll find that they have six dancing snowmen in these locations:

  • On top of the blue tent just above the entrance.
  • On top of the drink container inside the blue tent.
  • On top of the logs next to the blue tent.
  • On the chair inside the gray tent right across the blue tent.
  • On the table with the lamp in the yellow tent.
  • On top of the pole connecting the lights between the gray and yellow tents.
  • On top of the small turquoise tent next to the big red tent.

Log Covering (4 Dancing Snowmen)

Log Covering (4 Dancing Snowmen)

You’ll find a log covering past the tent area which has four dancing snowmen in these locations:

  • On the drink container next to the lamp.
  • Two on the mattress next to each other.
  • On the log covering above the red drink cooling container.

Firefly Area (3 Dancing Snowmen)

Firefly Area (3 Dancing Snowmen)

You’ll find an area filled with fireflies past the bathroom building and near the red tent. It’s out of bounds so you can’t walk to it but you will find three dancing snowman in the following locations:

  • On the rocks to the left out of bounds from the playable map.
  • On the center of the firefly area.
  • On the right hidden by some grass.

You’ll know that you’ve destroyed all the dancing snowmen in the map because the screen will turn dark for a second once you take out the last one. Your van’s monitor will also keep track of how many snowmen you’ve gotten rid of.