Destiny 2 Arc 3.0 All Exotic Armor Pieces That Synergize Well With Supers (Post 3.0 Reveal)

Get these exotic armors as fast as you can before the season starts

Destiny 2 Arc 3.0 Speculation

Like the inevitable thunder that appears after flash, Bungie has released the details for Arc 3.0 and the path is clear now for Destiny enthusiasts like ourselves to finally dig through our vaults and mix and match with the Exotics that are going to have the most significant effect on the NEW Arc 3.0 Supers.

If you don’t have these Exotic armor pieces yet, you can still grind out Legendary Lost Sectors until you get the pieces you need. (Hopefully.) Use our guide here to find out which Lost Sector is in rotation. They change daily as well as the armor piece that you can get.

In this guide, we’ll give you the heads up on which Exotic armor piece to get that synergizes perfectly with the revamped Arc 3.0 subclass Supers.

But first a little introduction to the new keywords:


  • Amplified – An amplified Guardian is faster and more agile. They move faster and their weapon handling is quicker. Unlike the other classes, Guardians don’t need to equip any Aspects or Fragments to become amplified. Instead, the subclass becomes amplified by rapidly defeating enemies with Arc damage. The aspects and Fragments are there to help bring out its full potential.
  • Speed Booster – After sprinting for a while, Guardians gain a boost of speed. They also gain a sizable damage resistance buff, perfect for closing the gap and bringing the fight to somewhere close and personal.


  • Blind – In PvE, when enemies are blinded, they won’t be able to see and will also be disoriented and unable to fire their weapons. In PvP, blinded opponents will have their screen whited out and their HUD removed for a short time accompanied by ringing flashbang sounds.
  • Jolt -Jolted opponents who are damaged will periodically send slivers of chain lightning out to nearby enemies, damaging them in the process.

List of Exotics for Arc 3.0 Supers


As was the case before, us Hunters are going to the class to beat when it comes to sticking close to enemies. Like flees on a dog! With Arc 3.0 we now know that we should be focused on getting Exotics for Arc Staff. We also get a completely new Super called The Gathering Storm. We’ll get back to that after we talk about the Arc Staff.

Arc Staff Super

The Arc Staff is the quissential Arc Hunter archetype. The rush of getting in close and wreaking havoc with a staff of hardened light. It’s just a shame the current version of it is such a meme in PvP. But with the faster movement speed and damage reduction we’re getting with the Super, it might be the most busted thing to ever set foot in the Crucible.

Raiden Flux

Synapse Junctions: Quick successive attacks with Arc Staff increase its damage output and duration.

This is pretty much self explanatory. The Raiden Flux exotic armor extends the duration of Arc Staff with rapid succesive hits. Couple this with the improved durability and speed the Super gained, we could see Hunters staying in the thick of outside of a boss’ damage phase.

Raiju’s Harness

Mobius Conduit: Press (F) Deactivate Whirlwind Guard early. Guarding does not consume extra Super energy.

I don’t know about this one, honestly. Outside of really niche edge cases, I don’t see the need of defending yourself with the Arc Staff. I’d rather go with my general rule in Destiny 2, “kill it fast before it becomes a threat.”

Oh well, it’s an exotic armor that benefits the Super so it can go up on this list. It might not be for me but it could be for someone else.

Blight Ranger

Voltaic Mirror: Attacks you redirect with your Arc Staff deal massive increased damage and generate Orbs of Powers for your allies.

The Blight Ranger exotic helmet sounds good on paper. The idea is that attacks reflect back at enemies while you’re blocking with the Arc Staff. In my experience, it’s often inconsistent and it fails to do damage when it should have.

I don’t know if Bungie will ever fix that but let’s say that they do, and they also buffed it, why not? It’s better to have it than not, right? Look at that thing! That’s a beautiful Exotic!

(It’s also worth noting that players can get this helmet after completing the Destiny 2 Witch Queen campaign on Legendary difficulty.)

The Gathering Storm Super

The Gathering Storm is something completely new. When a Hunter initiates the Super, they throw the Arc Staff like a spear and the impact area gets super charged with a follow up lighting bolt for good measure.

Liar’s Handshake

Cross Counter: Using your Arc melee ability or being hit by a melee attack will allow you to follow up with an extremely powerful melee counterpunch that will heal you.

My personal recommendation would be Liar’s Handshake. I’d figure that anything that’s survived the impact point might be somewhat powerful. And you might want to just take it head to head in a fist fight.

Also, you can’t go wrong with the Arc Hunter’s best exotic. It’s a win all around.


Exciting times lay ahead for Warlock players. We get to see the return of Chaos Reach after Bungie nerfed it to oblivion. (Now our fears is that it’ll be as OP as it once was…) Regardless, we’re glad that Chaos Reach and Stormtrance are getting some serious love from Bungie.

Geomag Stabilizers

Close Enough: Damaging targets with Chaos Reach extends its duration.

Geomag Stabilizers are also pretty much self-explanatory. But unlike the Arc Staff, you can’t move while channeling Chaos Reach. The levels of destruction with this Super is going to be epic!

Stormtrance Super

Emperor Palpatine is also getting a buff. The Stromtrance Super will be as deadly as ever but now Warlocks will be much more mobile while channeling the Super. Arc 3.0 is really giving these supers much needed buffs.

Stormdancer’s Brace

Ascending Amplitude: Each target you defeat with Stormtrance increases the damage you deal with it and refunds Super energy when Stormtrance ends.

Luke Skywalker getting zapped jokes aside, Stormdancer’s Brace lays down the hurt after enough enemies have been destroyed. Better still, the number ads you clear, the faster you’ll get back your sparkly fingers again.

Crown of Tempests

Conduction Tines: Arc ability kills increase the recharge rate fo your Arc abilities and and extend the duration of Stormtrance.

Crown of Tempests can be seen as more of a support item. As Exotic armor go, it’s not the most flashy but it certainly has its uses, especially with the new stuff Warlocks are getting with Arc 3.0.


Bungie did Arc Titans right this time around! Granted Titans aren’t generally known for their quickness but Arc 3.0 literally made them into freight trains run amok. This is best exemplified by their two revamped Supers – Fist of Havoc and Thundercrash.

Fist of Havoc Super

Personally speaking for a bit. I’ve not known any Titan that takes Fist of Havoc seriously. I’m sure there are those that make it work (like the OP Hunters that make Arc Staff in PvP) but these guys are few and far in between.

Here’s to hoping that the improvements to the hit detection and radius make this Super worthwhile at last.

Eternal Warrior

Resolute: Gain an overshield when activating Fists of Havoc.

Titan players have been telling me for that Eternal Warrior has pretty much been rendered useless in the 3.0. And I can see why. There’s lots of ways of getting Overshield now and there’s not much use when you can do something more productive like the doing more melee damage. Something our next Exotic is all about!

I really hope Bungie reworks this helmet. As someone who has Blight Ranger, I understand the struggle.


Biotic Enhancements: Increased melee lunge range. Improved melee and Super damage when you’re surrounded.

Now this is the Exotic Titans should run when they are surrounded. This exotic armor piece has the possibility of working so extremely well with Arc 3.0 Titan melee damage. But this will make your Fists of Havoc hit real hard against swarming enemies. Potentially.


Thundercrash is the go-to Super for Titans wanting to cause some serious damage as they zoom across the room. Now Bungie hasn’t changed this Super by much… So we might be in a situation where Bungie doesn’t want to fix something that’s not broken.

Cuirass of the Falling Star

Glorious Charge: Greatly increases your Thundercrash impact damage. Gain an overshield that lasts longer the farther you travel before strikcing a target.

Before Cuirass of the Falling Star, no one actually used the Super. The exotic armor actually makes the whole thing work. The overshield is just the cherry on top.

And that’s it for our list of Exotic Armors that work well with the newly revealed Arc 3.0. And with less than a week left until the next season, players can focus on making builds that make use of the exotic armor they are most comfortable with.

Check out this video from Youtuber Aztecross where he goes through the changes to Arc 3.0 Abilities. Just in case you’d prefer someone reading out changes instead of reading blocks of text.