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With Pokémon Scarlet and Violet finally out, players can now get to see and catch all the new Gen 9 Pokémon and their evolutions in the region of Paldea. For determined players who want to catch ’em all, doing so will also require the knowledge of how to make them evolve into their latter stages as not all of these new Pokémon can be encountered in the wild.

So we’ve compiled a list of all the new Pokémon Evolution paths in Scarlet and Violet, including links to our other in-depth guides for them. We’ll categorize them based on the type of evolution, from the simple level up method, to the complex methods.

Evolution by Leveling up

Here are the Pokémon that evolve by leveling up.

  • Sprigatito > Floragato (Lv.16) > Meowscarada (Lv.36)
  • Fuecoco > Crocalor (Lv.16) > Skeledirge (Lv.36)
  • Quaxly > Quaxwell (Lv.16) > Quaquaval (Lv.36)
  • Lechonk > Oinkologne (Lv.18)
  • Tarountula > Spidops (Lv.15)
  • Nymble > Lokix (Lv.24)
  • Flittle > Espathra (Lv.35)
  • Wiglett > Wugtrio (Lv.26)
  • Smoliv > Dolliv (Lv.25) >Arboliva (Lv.35)
  • Varoom > Revavroom (Lv.40)
  • Frigibax > Actibax (Lv.35) > Baxcalibur (Lv.54)
  • Wattrel > Kilowattrel (Lv.25)
  • Nacli > Naclstack (Lv.24) > Garganacl (Lv.38)
  • Glimmet > Glimmora (Lv.35)
  • Shroodle > Grafaiai (Lv.28)
  • Fidough > Dachsbun (Lv.26)
  • Maschiff > Mabosstiff (Lv.30)
  • Tinkatink > Tinkatuff (Lv.24) > Tinkaton (Lv.38)
  • Toedscool > Toedscruel (Lv.30)
  • Paldean Wooper > Clodsire (Lv.20)

Evolution by Special Means

Here are the Pokémon that evolve via only when certain requirements have been met.

Dunsparce to Dudunsparce

Level up a Dunsparce to level 32 and make it learn Hyper Drill to evolve it into a Dudunsparce.

Rellor to Rabsca

Walk 1,000 steps with Rellor outside its ball, then make it level up to evolve it into a Rabsca.

Greavard to Houndstone

Level up a Greavard to level 30 at night to evolve it into a Houndstone.

Girafarig to Farigiraf

Level up a Girafarig to level 32 and make it learn Twin Beam to evolve it into a Farigiraf.

Finizen to Palafin

Level a Finizen up to level 38 while playing in Co-op mode to evolve it into a Palafin.

Capsakid to Scovillain

Use a Fire Stone on a Capsakid to evolve it into a Scovillain.

Tadbulb to Bellibolt

Use a Thunder Stone on a Tadbulb to evolve it into a Bellibolt.

Tandemaus to Maushold

Use Tandemaus to beat another Pokémon in a battle, then level it up to level 25 to evolve it into a Maushold.

Cetoddle to Cetitan

Use an Ice Stone on a Cetoddle to evolve it into a Cetitan.

Pawmi to Pawmo to Pawmot

Level up a Pawmi to level 18 to evolve it into a Pawmo, then walk 1,000 steps with Pawmo outside its ball and then level it up to evolve it into a Pawmot.

Bramblin to Brambleghast

Walk 1,000 steps with Bramblin outside its ball, then make it level up to evolve into a Brambleghast.

Gimmighoul to Gholdengo

Level up a Gimmighoul while having 999 Gimmighoul Coins in the bag to evolve it into a Gholdengo.

Charcadet to Armarouge or Ceruledge

Use an Auspicious Armor (Scarlet only) or a Malicious Armor (Violet only) to evolve it into an Armarouge or Ceruledge, respectively.

Bisharp to Kingambit

Defeat three Bisharps leading a group of Pawniards with your own Bisharp that is holding a Leader’s Crest.

Primeape to Annihilape

Have a Primeape use Rage Fist 20 times to evolve it into an Annihilape.

Gen 9 Evolution Misconceptions

  • Tatsugiri does not evolve into Dondozo as they are separate species.
  • For Pokémon that require a step count to evolve, they can be taken for a walk on all land terrains, not just on specific ones.
  • Paradox Forms are categorized as their own Pokémon and do not evolve into or from their “present” stage. For example, a Scream Tail cannot evolve into a Wigglytuff, and a Makuhita cannot evolve into an Iron Hands.
  • Although they are evolutionarily linked, Cyclizar does not evolve from or to Koraidon or Miraidon as they are categorized as separate Pokémon.
  • Having more Dunsparce in the team does not affect the number of segments a Dudunsparce can get upon its evolution.

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