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A guide for finding all the collectibles within the Repository.

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Master Chief will find himself in the Repository on different part of the Zeta Halo while trying to rescue the Pilot in the hands of Escharum, after progressing later into Halo Infinite’s story. There are only a few collectibles in this section, but one of them can be quite challenging to get, so we’re here to help with another guide.

What are the Collectibles in the Repository?

  • A Grunt Birthday Party Skull
  • 2 Audio Logs
    • One of which will be auto-completed by just progressing through the level.

How to get the Grunt Birthday Party Skull? – Repository

Getting to the room where the Grunt Birthday Party Skull is requires a couple of steps and it can get a bit time-consuming if you don’t know which way to go. Also, there will be lots of enemies along the way that can get you sidetracked or even get you killed if you’re not careful. Master Chief will be through the area that sets off the chain to unlock the skull first, so better complete this first and get it out of the way.

In the Repository, you’ll eventually arrive at a huge room with a platform in the middle that’s connected with light bridges on opposite sides. We’ll refer to the platform that you’re on as the entrance. After interacting with the terminal on the middle platform and going through the cutscene, the doors on the left and right side of the room will be activated, however there are no light bridges that connect to them to walk across.


You can do a leap of faith towards the door to your right, preparing to aim your grappleshot at a platform, or head back to the entrance platform where you first entered the room. Facing the middle platform, take the stairs to the right going downward and shoot your grappleshot towards the diagonal beam. This should slingshot you towards the platforms on the opposite side where the right door is.

Go through the door and follow the hall to the small room on the opposite end. Then, get the power seed and head back to the door. Make your way back to the entrance of the main room via a grappleshot on the same beam. Once you land on the platform, cross the light bridges all the way towards the opposite side of the entrance (exit platform).

Do the same grappleshot action you did earlier to cross towards the left door. Enter the door and follow the hall until you arrive at another room. Go towards the right side of the room to see the terminal where you can place the power seed on. After depositing the seed, head back to the main room, then grappleshot your way back to land on the exit platform.

Exit the main room through the door. Then, to your right, take the ramp downwards and push through the room until you find yourself in a larger open section, then turn left. Move forward and go through a hall that curves right. There’s a weapon rack on the end of the hall and an open door to the left.

Go through the door into a larger hall and make your way down the stairs. Head towards the window as The Weapon prompted and complete the short dialogue. Afterwards, the door to the left should become active. Go through the door and take the left ramp going up. You can then take another ramp to go up or just grappleshot your way to the upper platform.

Head through the door on the right, go through the hall to another room, then take the door on the left. You’ll find another room with an opening high up on the opposite wall. Grappleshot your way up via the diagonal beams to reach this opening where you will find the skull sitting on the ground. Be careful as there are also four cloaked elites room guarding the skull.

How to get the UNSC Audio Log 1? – Repository

The first audio log “The Weapon” will automatically be given after defeating the final Brute Chieftain and surviving the lockdown. These steps are part of the main story mission so it can’t be missed.

How to get the UNSC Audio Log 2? – Repository

The second audio log also comes after defeating the Brute Chieftain and surviving the lockdown. Once the fight is won, the path leading out from the room will split into two. The next objective will be towards the right path. Take the left path first to get the audio log.

You’ll arrive at a room where you can get the audio log “The Prisoner” next to a hologram of the Zeta Halo.

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