Where Is The Arbiter In Halo Infinite? How To Find Easter Egg

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Fans have been looking for The Arbiter in Halo Infinite. Unfortunately, he isn’t there. But that doesn’t mean that 343 has forgotten about this much beloved character entirely. So where is the Arbiter in Halo Infinite, you may ask?

The open world of Halo Infinite has given many opportunities for 343 to hide some awesome Easter Eggs. One in particular has been driving many fans mad, as the game gives reference to one of the most beloved characters in the Halo franchise.

You may remember The Arbiter, a playable former Elite who gives some much needed depth into the UNSC and Covenant warfare. While he isn’t present in Halo Infinite, you can find an Easter egg in the Zeta Halo Ring somewhere in its open plains.

Where is the Arbiter in Halo Infinite?

Unfortunately, The Arbiter himself isn’t in Halo Infinite. This game is about the return of Master Chief and The Arbiter might detract from that storyline. Still, there is an Easter egg that servers as proof that 343 hasn’t forgotten about the character.

The Arbiter plushie doll Easter egg is located in the center of the Zeta Halo Ring open world map. It’s right where the Pelican Down main story mission takes place. You won’t be able to access this location until Act 3. You’ll find the Easter egg residing on one of the cliffs, northmost of the island.

You can check these pictures below to find the Arbiter Easter egg yourself.

How To Find Arbiter Easter Egg

In order to find the Arbiter Easter Egg, you can access the peak of the mountain via your Grappleshot or the WASP if you’ve unlocked it. A little bit later on after you’ve gained access to this area, you’ll also be able to come across some Banshee patrolling the map which you can steal.

You don’t need those of course, you can just Grappleshot your way to the top of the peak. Check the photo above to know its exact location. You can go there yourself if you so choose.

The easter egg is an Arbiter plushie doll doesn’t really do anything. Though if you hit it, it will continuously vibrate without moving from its spot. The Arbiter is only one of several Easter egg dolls spread across Halo Infinite. You even have to use one as a reference to find one of the Halo Infinite Skulls hidden in the Zeta Halo Ring.

Credit goes to Reddit user Lord_Greedyy for finding this Easter egg.

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