All Trinkets in Hard West 2

Hard West 2 Trinkets can be thought of as accessories. Some offer flat-out increases in stats while others provide a great boost at the cost of something else. Most are acquired as side objectives in missions. While others can be acquired by exploring the Overworld.

In this guide, we will talk about all the trinkets that can be found in Hard West 2, what they do, and where to get them.

Coyote Tooth Necklace

The Coyote Tooth Necklace is acquired by opening the chest side objective in the Boomtown encounter.

  • Perk: Equipping the Coyote Tooth Necklace increases the Bullseye Chance of melee weapons by 15.

Talisman of the Witch

The Talisman of the Witch is acquired from the Cursed Tree East of Boomtown. It requires a level of loyalty from a posse member to convince them to get it.

  • Perk: Grants 1 HP per kill.


The Figurine is acquired by opening the chest side objective in “The Ritual” mission.

  • Perk: Increases Max Luck by 40 and Max HP by 2.

Tobacco Poach

The Tobacco Poach is acquired in an Overworld encounter wherein a grieving father will it as a reward for helping him bury his Shadow Dancer son. The encounter is possible after completing the “The Ritual” mission. It is close to the mission area.

  • Perk: Increases Speed by 4 and Max Luck by 20.


The Harmonica is an Optional reward in the “Choose” side mission.

  • Perks: Resists the Jinxed status debuff. (Luck doesn’t increase while under its curse.) Also increases Max Luck by 20.

Snake Skin Boots

The Snake Skin Boots are acquired as a reward for completing the “Lost Refugee” side mission. Chose to kill the cannibal.

  • Perk: Resists the Crippled status debuff. (Cannot move for a set number of turns.) Increases Speed by 2.

O’Kane’s Book

O’Kane’s Book is acquired by opening the chest side objective in the “O’Kane Farm” mission.

  • Perk: Grants 2 HP per kill at the cost of -25 Luck at the beginning of each turn.

Stove Door

The Stove Door is acquired by opening the chest side objective in the Sheriff’s office in the “The Last Train to Utah” mission.

  • Perk: Increases Max HP by 8 at the cost of -4 Speed.

Burned Horseshoe

The Burned Horseshoe is acquired by opening the chest side objective in the stables in the “A Plague Upon This Land” mission.

  • Perk: Grants 25 Luck at the start of each turn at the cost of 1 HP per turn.

Wendigo Skull Wind Chime

The Wendigo Skull Wind Chime is acquired by stealing it from the wooden shack in the “Bridge to Nowhere” mission.

  • Perk: At the start of the turn, If the holder’s HP is lower than 50%, they acquire the Bloodbust status. (Higher Bullseye chance.)

Bullet Proof Hip Flask

The Bullet Proof Hip Flask is acquired by robbing the “Special Grave” side objective in the “Town That Time Forgot” mission.

  • Perks: Resists the Dazed status debuff. (Cannot shoot, lowered field of view for a set number of turns. Resists the Drunk status debuff. (Character is unable to land a critical hit for a set number of turns.) Increases Max HP by 2.

Targeting Ocular

A Targeting Ocular is acquired by selling DeLear’s Notes at Brass & Co Office. DeLear’s Notes are a side objective in the “Shootout at Sand Argent” mission.

  • Perk: Multiplies damage when a character scores a Bullseye. Only works with Rifles.

Profane Bullets

Profane Bullets are acquired after saving DeLear, allowing him to work in peace.

  • Perk: Increases the Handgun damage by 1.

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