Alone in the Dark (2024): How to Get the Secret Ending

A guide on how to unlock the best ending: the secret ending of Alone in the Dark (2024)

Alone in the Dark Secret Ending cover

The remake of Alone in the Dark includes a secret ending that only players that have played through both characters could get. It may catch some players off guard as it serves as a skip for the final boss, plus it also teases of a remake for the sequel. Read ahead as we go through the steps on how to unlock the secret ending of Alone in the Dark.

How to unlock the Secret Ending in Alone in the Dark

In order to unlock Alone in the Dark’s secret ending, you will need to have completed the story at least once through either character, then play through the story again through the other character. This is because you will need to find specific Lagniappes that are exclusive to each of the character’s playthroughs.

The Lagniappes that you will have to find are the ones under the All the World’s a Stage set, which includes:

  • Curious Napkin (exclusive to Edward)
  • Box of Biscuits (exclusive to Emily)
  • Toy Talisman

The Curious Napkin can be obtained through Edward when he revisits St. George Hotel in Chapter 4, and the lagniappe can be found just after the main door of the hotel.

The Box of Biscuits can be obtained through Emily as she revisits the Medical Ward in Chapter 4, and the lagniappe can be found at a desk.

The Toy Talisman can be found on the floor inside Dr. Gray’s apartment in Chapter 4 after opening the hidden door to his bedroom. This lagniappe can be easily missed as it just blinks into existence, so make sure to do a quick scan of the room right after opening the hidden door.

After completing the lagniappe set, you can then unlock the special interaction with Grace during Chapter 5 while they are preparing for the ritual, plus you will get the “Grace without Horns” objective. If you want to experience the boss fight once more through your second playthrough, it is best to create a save file before approaching Grace as proceeding with the secret ending will skip through the entire boss fight.

A cutscene that shows Grace playing with the Toy Talisman - Alone in the Dark Secret Ending
A scene in which Grace is playing with the Toy Talisman

Approach Grace by the tree and talk to her. You will get an option to give Grace with something to play with. Choosing accept will start the cutscene where Grace is back at The Black Pharaoh playing with the Toy Talisman. Edward and Emily soon join her as they decide to leave the play midway. The scene ends as they talk about what the play could have added to make it more interesting.

A line from Edward suggests that Emily may have adopted Grace as her daughter, or that all of the events of the game were just from Grace’s imagination and interpretation from the play that she just witnessed with Emily and Edward as her real parents, and this imagination stopped only when she was given the Toy Talisman and the other items to play with outside of the theater.

You will unlock the What Just Happened? Achievement for getting the secret ending. Should you wish to continue and fight the boss to get the ending for the other character, simply reload the save file prior to talking to Grace at the tree.

Possible Alone in the Dark 2 Remake

Possible Alone in the Dark 2 Remake

During the secret ending cutscene, as the three make their way down the stairs of the theater, Grace mentions that the play should have added a hedge maze or pirates, with Edward replying “maybe next time”. The hedge maze and the pirates are all things that appeared in the original Alone in the Dark 2 game, teasing what could be a modern remake of the sequel in the works.

The 2024 remake of Alone in the Dark has changed quite a number of significant things, most notably Jeremy’s presence in this game as he was already dead at the beginning of the original game. The possible sequel might change things up some more and incorporate mazes along with some pirate enemies, or perhaps they might just be callbacks to the Pirates of the Pontchartrain.