Amnesia: The Bunker Prison Walkthrough

This guide will go through the Prison section in Amnesia: The Bunker and share the mission objectives and locations of the key items and collectibles.

Amnesia The Bunker Prison cover

The Prison is the northwestern area of Amnesia: The Bunker. All the captured enemies were once brought into the bunker’s prison, but it is also where another important tool to unlock areas can be found. Read ahead as we go through the Prison area in Amnesia: The Bunker and share some tips and the locations of the key items in the area.

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Amnesia: The Bunker Prison Walkthrough

With the wrench in your inventory, make your way to the Prison area. The first door to your left will be the Processing room; however, the door to it is locked. Either bash the door or use a grenade if you have one. Inside the room is the Prison map. The next room up ahead is the Interrogation Room, with only some supplies inside. The metal door on the other side of the hall leads to the Warden’s Office, but it’s inaccessible for now.

Amnesia: The Bunker Prison Walkthrough

Further down the hall, up ahead, is the door to the Storage room, while on the right is the hall to the cells where a prisoner is still alive. Inside his cell just happens to be where the Cutters is, which is the next tool you will need.

Go back to the Storage door for now and break it open. As soon as you enter, turn right to find a gate. Use your wrench to open the bolts, and then take off the grate to gain access to the Warden’s Office. There’s also the Note – Wrench Location Note on the box nearby.

Inside the office is a lamp that you can use to save your progress. You can also find Prison Photo #1 and Note – Update on Prisoner in this room. The important part in this room is the Cell Door Controls. You can flip all of the switches open, especially the switch for the prisoner’s cell; however, the noise will also call the attention of the beast.

You may want to do the prisoner’s cell first, as you will have an opportunity to get a missable achievement at this point. As soon as the cell door opens, wait for the beast to get to the cell hall, and then fire your revolver at it to scare it off. Get the Cutters, then head back to the controls to close the cell again. Doing so will earn you the Life Preserver achievement as long as the prisoner inside is still alive. You can skip this altogether and let the beast kill the prisoner, as you only need the Cutters to proceed.

You’re free to check the other cells and the Storage Room for more loot, such as a bag or medkits. You can also go back to the other areas you have been to where you saw some chains, such as the Wine Cellar, to find more supplies.

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