Asterigos Curse of The Stars Fast Travel: How To Unlock and More

Teleportation is needed in Asterigos Curse of The Stars

Asterigos Curse of The Stars Fast Trave;

There are a ton of locations players can explore in the new RPG game, Asterigos: Curse of The Stars. If players are wondering if there is a fast travel option in the game, there is. Around the different areas found in Asterigos, there are fast travel points scattered all around.

There will be tons of missions, especially side quests that require players to go back and forth to. In this guide, we will cover Asterigos Curse of The Stars Fast Travel options and how to unlock it as well.

Asterigos Curse of The Stars Fast Travel - Option
Fast Travel Option

How to unlock fast travel in Asterigos: Curse of The Stars

To unlock fast travel in Asterigos: Curse of The Stars, players must clear the main story missions found in the Black Streets, Arges Bazaar, Stella Mine, and Phalan Academy.

After completing the main missions in these specific locations, head to the Shelter immediately and talk to Minerva. Upon interaction, we will tell you that there’s a way to light up the conduits found in different areas.

Asterigos Curse of The Stars Fast Travel - Map
Map Selection

Head straight to the conduit in the Shelter and power it up. Once it powers up, you will be teleported straight to Laurel Craft and Minerva will give you a key that will unlock a vault. Reach the opposite side of the walkway by climbing the stairs.

Afterward, head down the courtyard and defeat the colossus to open the gate to reach the pathway. Then, an echo will appear and a passage to the basement will follow. Head inside but beware of the traps. At the end of the passage, there is a hidden vault that can be opened using the key given to players by Minerva.

Asterigos Curse of The Stars Fast Travel - Conduit

Finally, after unlocking it and opening the contents, head back to Minerva and a short cutscene will begin. This will signify that you have successfully unlocked the fast travel option.

How to Teleport in Asterigos: Curse of The Stars

You can access the teleportation network from the rest points:

  1. To teleport in Asterigos, approach a conduit to open the Teleport menu.
  2. Pressing the teleport button opens the map screen where you can select to go to other points.
  3. Then Simply press and hold “R” in the Teleport menu to return to the Shelter. The Shelter is like the central hub from where you can teleport to other regions. So, you can teleport locally to other access points in the region but you cannot teleport anywhere outside of it. You can only go back to the Shelter.

Another method is by using Etherite Sliver. This is an item in your inventory that you can consume to transport you to the last fast travel location you visited. You can also use a Rhodos Symbol, it serves the same purpose as an Etherite Sliver, except that consuming this will transport you back to the Shelter instead. Both of these items can be dropped by enemies or found in chests, or it can be purchased from Quintus the Merchant located in the Black Streets.

And that’s about it for our guide on Asterigos Curse of the Stars Fast Travel.

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