Atomic Heart Ballerina Puzzle Guide

how to open the gate in the theatre in Atomic Heart?

Atomic Heart Ballerina puzzle featured

As one of the last barriers between you and Petrov in your time through the Threatre, you must solve the Atomic Heart Ballerina puzzle to proceed. In this puzzle, you’ll have to enter the correct solutions in order to get the ballerinas and their reflections into the right position. It’s a bit difficult for laymen like us to understand since the descriptions of the solutions for the debug mode commands are so ambiguous you can’t tell what they are exactly.

Just how do you solve the ballerina puzzle in Atomic Heart and what are the debug mode commands that gets them into the right position?

Atomic Heart Ballerina Puzzle Solution

These are the correct Atomic Heart Ballerina puzzle poses in order, starting from when you enter the corridor:

  • 2. Croisée in the fifth position, arms in the third position.
  • 4. Relevé in the fifth position. Effacé. Arms upright and loose in an allongé.
  • 3. Attitude.
  • 1. A la seconde, arms free.

In this puzzle, you’ll have to arrange the ballerinas in the right position with Charles’ help until Petrov is satisfied. After inputting in the commands above, Petrov will open the door so you can go through.

Without knowing which input commands for the debug mode, it’s very difficult to figure out how to solve the Atomic Heart Ballerina puzzle. You could just brute force your way by selecting every option until it’s right, but we’ve made this guide to help you save time.

That’s all you need to do to solve the Atomic Heart ballerina puzzle.