Atomic Heart HAWK security system (Explained)

Find out how to disable the Atomic Heart HAWK cameras.

Atomic Heart HAWK security system

The Atomic Heart HAWK security system is one of the things you’ll notice while roaming the open world of Facility 3826. This is one of the most annoying systems that prevent you from cleaning up an area.

Just how does the HAWK security system work and how do you disable it?

What is the Atomic Heart HAWK security system?

The HAWK security system in Atomic Heart are cameras around the open world that will send every enemy in the vicinity your way if they see you and call in repair drones to restore hostile robots back to fighting condition. They will trigger an alarm level where you’ll either have to fight all the enemies or make a run for it.

As you can tell, this makes them something to avoid early on in the game where you won’t have the ability to shut them down for good. Taking out machines whenever there’s a HAWK security system nearby will only buy you some time before it sends out repair drones. While you can take out these repair and attack drones, the HAWK will only continue to send out more.

The Atomic Heart HAWK does have a certain range from where it can send out drones. If a destroyed robot starts to emit a blue light within its range, it will send out a repair drone which returns it to fighting shape.

cameras Atomic Heart HAWK security system

You may be tempted to just shoot the cameras which does destroy them. However shooting the HAWK cameras will only disable them temporarily. A repair drone will come to its location to bring it back up again. So you’ll be looking for ways to disable these cameras for good.

How to disable Atomic Heart HAWK security system?

There’s a way to disable the Atomic Heart HAWK security system for a good while. You just have to do the following:

  • In the open world, look for one of the HAWK cameras and scan it which reveals a line you can follow to a terminal.
  • Hack this terminal and use to view all of the HAWK cameras in that location. You’re looking for a large white structure called a HAWK Relay.
  • Use the camera to remotely open the door.
  • Head to the location of the HAWK Relay you found and get inside. Hack it which will disable the HAWK security cameras around the region.

Doing this will not only disable the HAWK security cameras but also disable the enemies of the region. This will give you some peace of mind to explore the area and loot it for any potential blueprints you can find.

You’ll first learn how to do this during The Brave New World quest which leads you to your first HAWK relay. Once you finish this mission, you can hack into any HAWK system in the Atomic Heart open world by following the steps above.

HAWK Relay

That’s everything about the Atomic Heart HAWK security system explained. We hope this guide helped you out.