Is Atomic Heart going to be open world?

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Atomic Heart promises to be an interesting experience where players are exploring an alternate Soviet-era timeline with clear Bioshock inspirations, but there are questions to whether the game from Mundfish will be an open world experience. This guide will talk about all the details regarding the open world aspects of Atomic Heart.

Is Atomic Heart open world?

Yes, Atomic Heart will be open world. There are many interesting locations that players are free to explore, however Mundfish assures that it isn’t just a big map with points of interest that players can tackle from one to the next. The open world of Atomic Heart aims to have narrative consistency.

Atomic Heart is set in an alternate timeline where the USSR developed robots to serve humans in every day life. However the machines started to rebel against their masters a few days away from the launch of the latest robot control system. After the introduction chapter, players will be able to explore the open world of Atomic Heart at their own leisure either by foot or car.

Players will be able to tackle story-based missions in smaller contained areas and can explore the Atomic Heart open world afterwards. Deadly machines run the streets of the once utopian world and players will have to fight their way through hostiles robots to discover interesting secrets that could make them more powerful.

Is Atomic Heart going to be open world

For the first game Mundfish ever made, Atomic Heart does seem like an ambitious project. Such an ambitious project, that Mundfish had to cut multiplayer features during its lengthy development period. An open world game is usually something tackled by experienced developers. However Mundfish is particularly passionate about delivering a meaningful open world experience for Atomic Heart.

Game director Bagratuni states that Atomic Heart open world is quite large, however it won’t simply let you forget about the main story. The transition between the open map and the small areas where the story takes places will be seamless. This will help players immerse themselves in the game without being taken out of the experience.

Is Atomic Heart open world

Atomic Heart will release this February 21 for the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

That should explain if Atomic Heart is open world. We hope you gained some insight thanks to this guide of ours. Here are some more related Atomic Heart articles:

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