Atomic Heart Robot Twin names, voice actress, story

Who are the Twins in Atomic Heart?

Ever since Mundfish revealed the Atomic Heart robot twins, people have been going crazy about them. These robot twins have garnered an unhealthy amount of infatuation from the internet. Let’s talk about who these robot women are in Atomic Heart.

What are the Atomic Heart Robot Twins’ names?

The Atomic Heart robot women are called The Twins. Their names are Left and Right according to Dmitry Sechenov. Right is the one wearing the yellow bolero jacket while Left is completely naked.

For the longest time, we didn’t really know their names. They were only referred to as the robot twins or The Twins by the fanbase until it was revealed that their names are Left and Right. Due to the fact that they look exactly alike, it would be hard to tell who is who if it wasn’t for the yellow bolero jacket that Right wears.

Atomic Heart Robot Twins voice actress

Anita Pudikova is the voice actress for both of The Twins in Atomic Heart. She is one of the Russian cast for the game. The English voice actress for The Twins hasn’t been revealed yet despite the cast being featured in the credits.

The Twins despite being robots are capable of speaking fluently to communicate with guests. We can see them hand P-3 a key that allows for vehicle activation. Unfortunately they don’t speak as much in the game so we can barely appreciate her voice actress.

Atomic Heart Robot Twins’ story

The twin robot women in Atomic Heart are Sechenov’s personal assistants and his bodyguards. They will follow Sechenov’s order to the letter and will even kill those who he wants to.

The Twins are advanced humanoid robots who have a feminine appearance with a silver metallic skin that makes them look like they’re wearing a very tight fitting leotard that blends with the rest of their bodies. They may be the most human robots in Atomic Heart, as they’re designed with blonde crown braided hair which we don’t see on other machines in the game

Despite their delicate ballerina-like appearance, they’re incredibly dangerous. The Twins stand at 8ft tall and can even further extend their appendages to grab anything further away. We can see them pin a trained KGB agent, P-3, to the ground in one of the trailers.

Atomic Heart Robot Women story

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