Bayonetta 3 Cat – How to Catch Cat

These cats hold the Umbran Tear collectible in the game. Learn how to catch cats in Bayonetta 3.

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If you’re trying to figure out how to catch cat that holds the Umbran Tear in Bayonetta 3, you’ve come to the right place in search of assistance. This feline covered in dark fur is faster than most of your Demon Masquerades making it almost impossible to get a hold of. In this guide, we’ll teach you how to catch cat in Bayonetta 3.

How to Catch Cat in Bayonetta 3?

Equip the G-Pillar and then use its Demon Masquerade to catch the cat holding the Umbran Tears of Blood in Bayonetta 3. The G-Pillar is the only Demon Masquerade that’s fast enough to catch the cat so no other weapon from Bayonetta’s arsenal will do the trick.

Cats, Toads, and Crows hold Umbran Tears of Blood which are the primary collectibles in Bayonetta 3. But you first need to be fast enough to catch cats before you’re able to get them. The method for catching the other two are different.

If you have yet to unlock the G-Pillar, then you need to finish Chapter 1: Scrambling for Answers. From there, you’ll find a floating record player which should summon Rodin and his Gates of Hell where he’ll offer Bayonetta G-Pillar upon you’re finished browsing his shop. This cutscene will play automatically upon midway Chapter 1, so there’s no need to go looking for it.

G-Pillar Bayonetta 3 How to Catch Cat

There are about 39 Umbra Tears in total, where 3 of them can be located per chapter, not including the Side Chapters where you play as Jeanne. While there are chapters in Bayonetta 3 where you’ll have to play as Viola, you’re able to replay these chapters as Bayonetta upon completion if you’re having a hard time catching them as the former.

Now Viola is able to catch the cat with her sprint alone which is important considering she doesn’t have the Demon Masquerade of the titular Umbra Witch. Fortunately she’s fast enough to not really need it when catching the cat.

G-Pillar cutscene

That’s our Bayonetta 3 How to Catch Cat guide. We hope this article was informative for you. And for more on Bayonetta 3, check out our other articles.

Take a look at this Youtube video from Calem MrNazreenn for the cutscene where Bayonetta gets G-Pillar from Rodin. You’re going to need this weapon to catch cats in Bayonetta 3.